Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chaos in Stereo: Is Something About to Get Wrecked on Bones?

Big spoilers abound.

On a day that proved that the Bones fandom is perched precariously on the brink of total meltdown, this team finished Thursday night doing an emergency podcast.

First there was the rumor that Bones would push its season finale to its season premiere, because of Obama's preemption next week. I tell you what, I have never so badly wanted to SLAP someone as hard as I wanted to slap Korbi Gosch, the world's worst TV commentator. No lies, y'all--I think she MADE THAT UP. Just sat there, wondered how she could up traffic, and made it up. Because there's no way that was ever going to happen. If Fox execs called Bones and said they needed to come up one episode short this season, I guarantee you that Hart Hanson would say "Okay, that sucks, but take 'The Girl in the Mask.' We'll save it for next year." There's no way that Fox would postpone a season finale. That just makes no sense.

Fangirls and boys, please, for your sanity and for my own--please don't read Korbi's column. Please.

Then Stephen Nathan told Ausiello that they were planning the world's weirdest crossover--Stewie Griffin of Family Guy would be making an appearance as Booth's hallucination.

The fandom freaking exploded.

We were confused. I was pained that they would take an event so precious and turn it into a commercial.

But then (and thank God these came out the same day), we saw the sides.

And promptly started squeeing.

Here is the result.

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