Monday, March 23, 2009

Bones: What Does This Mean for Jared?

Okay, so Fox is going to hold an episode for next season, but, as I expected, it is not the finale. No one's that stupid.

It's "The Beaver in the Otter," which was supposed to be the third-to-last episode of the season. It involves Jared Booth and a bunch of drama with that--Booth's trying to set him up with a job, he's not being very cooperative, etc.

Now, I would have normally expected them to save an episode like "The Girl in the Mask" or "Double Death of the Dearly Departed," which, at least from the sides, feel like inconsequential-to-the-larger-story episodes. I figured they'd hang onto one of those, throw it into next season as a throwaway before Brennan starts showing, and go about their season. It might feel weird to go an episode where Booth and Brennan seemingly don't acknowledge the fact that, oh, hey, Booth's baby is growing inside of her, but whatever.

It also sucks, I thought, that Jared doesn't get to acknowledge the baby thing. That would feel really weird. But at the end of the day, who gives a crap?

And then I thought about it.

They're filming "Beaver in the Otter" right now.

I wonder if Hart Hanson's in his office right now scribbling out a couple pages of last-minute scenes. In which Jared Booth discusses impending unclehood.

Totally possible, right?

In which case, go Hart for making lemonade out of some serious lemons there.

I shall rest tonight envisioning David, Emily, and Brendan Fehr shooting some whoa awkward scenes involving the bonesie tomorrow.

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