Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bones: Holy Double Entendre, Bones!

We don't yet know what the title of the season finale will be, but we here at Chaos in General have our minds in the gutter--we want something delightfully double-entendrish to correspond with the events of the finale.

Here are some of our suggestions:

A case involving electrocution: "The Fork in the Outlet."

A case involving golf: "The Ace in the Hole."

Leigh would like to see something a little less inappropriate: "The Change in the Heart" or "Shock to the Heart."

Mystic put it bluntly: "The Bone in Bones."

Do you have any inappropriate suggestions for finale titles?

ETA: From our friend, Carrie: "The Snake in the Bush."

ETA: From me: "The Lay of the Land."

ETA 03/27/09: My personal favorite, less euphemistic: "The Shot in the Dark."

ETA 04/05/09: From me and Leigh's combined efforts: "The Life on the Line."

3 Responses to “Bones: Holy Double Entendre, Bones!”

ForensicMama said...

LOL Snake in the Bush. Oh my!!! :D
I don't have any perverted suggestions, but they're sure fun to read!

Anonymous said...

There's always the obvious "FBI Special Agent in the Forensic Anthropologist".

Mystic (and also Hannah above) FTW.