Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lost: How Many Times Can One Kid Get Abandoned? (By My Count? At Least Five.)

Holy sneak peek, Batman!

Late last night, ABC released two sneak peeks for this week’s Lost, one of which was the much-anticipated (at least by me) Jate kiss scene.

Now, I have a tendency to delude myself with mini-spoilers into thinking that kisses (when seen out of context) constitute the happily ever after, the final nail in the coffin of the ridiculous quadrangle. I do this every time. But everything is multifaceted in Lost world, and this kiss—now contextualized—is no different.

Here’s the scene:

It’s only a little longer than a minute, but there’s just so much to talk about.

Let’s talk first about what’s good.

First off, where are they? It looks like a hotel room, but could it also be Jack’s apartment? They’ve been sent home to pack their things, and that’s where Kate ends up? Because of whatever crazy shit just went down at 42 Panorama Crest? It’s possible. Although Jack sure doesn’t have many knickknacks if that’s the case.

It is awfully convenient that they’re in a bedroom. I would expect that this is not a coincidence, and that Jack and Kate will actually, yes, do the deed. Whether this scene continues into a smoldering sex scene or we just rejoin them the next morning obviously remains to be seen, but it sure looks like they’re going in for the sexytime.

I think my favorite Jate development of the last few episodes has been the rebuilding (or, some would say, the building) of trust between them. I think “The Little Prince” showed that, in many respects, they’re really all each other has in the world, and they have to rely on each other. Some of their dialogue seems directly related to their fight in “Something Nice Back Home,” such as Jack acknowledging that “Aaron is my family, too,” and Kate allowing Jack to “fix this.” In this scene, Jack agrees never to ask about Aaron. Wouldn’t you usually expect him to pester and poke at her until she got angry and spit it out? That’s how they’ve acted about secrets in the past. But here, he’s willing to trust that she made a terrible decision that can’t be undone—and nothing else really matters.

What’s bad about this scene? What are the Skaters probably falling over themselves about?

(Oh. Before we get to that, one more good thing—that kiss was HOT.)

What’s bad is that there are still secrets to begin with. Whereas someone might have specced yesterday that an “I’m going with you” and an open-mouthed kiss constituted YAYPROBLEMSOLVEDBACKTOGETHER, they probably should have realized that there would be more layers to Jate’s coupling.

There are.

I’m sure the Skaters are saying she just wants comfort sex.

That may be true, to an extent. It might be comfort sex—but I think it’s clear that she wants it with Jack. It’s not just that he’s there, it’s that he’s the man she needs. And maybe he finally understands that he can’t fix everything—wouldn’t you normally expect Jack to jump up and figure out how to get Aaron back?—but he can comfort her. So, yeah, there’s an element of “please just make me forget” to their lovemaking here, but there’s also a lot more. I picked up on “tell me it’s gonna be okay,” “thank you for understanding me,” and “I’ve always been with you.”

I’m sure Skaters are giddy over the fact that there’s still a huge secret at the crux of their relationship—maybe an even bigger secret than the Sawyer’s Favor secret.

This is definitely true. And it makes me worried, because Jack and Kate don’t just let things go—especially not big things like “What did you do with the baby?” It’s a-festering. I guarantee they’re not just going to go back to the island and do the happy 70’s island couple thing, not when she just did...something with Aaron.

While we’re at it, what would that be, exactly? I’ve been worried for weeks that she was going to Baby William little Aaron, and that’s exactly what she did. Probably not random adoption, but still—he’s gone. And to where, exactly? No idea. With his grandmother? With Cassidy? The good news is that, unlike Scully’s anonymous adoption, Kate’s arrangement might not be permanent. Aaron could find his way back to the island later this season, perhaps. Or he could never be seen again.

So, yeah, Jack and Kate have secrets. Yeah, they’re angsty, and even though they’re (arguably at this point) back in the sack together, they’re still not on 100% Good Terms. Skaters are, I’m sure, believing that the stage is set for Sawyer to swoop in and comfort her when she tells him she left Aaron with Cassidy—how’s that for a mindfuck? And then ZOMG Kate wouldn’t tell Jack the secret but she told Sawyer and ZOMG they are the OTP of the show.

Except no. While I wholly anticipate that something like that will go down, I really don’t think it’ll be anything more than a friendly (with a twinge of “we used to hook up”) arm-around-the-shoulders moment. Maybe some tears. Maybe one kiss.

But Jack is her constant.

And you wanna know why I think this even more than ever?

“You also don't want babies to be "replacements." On The O.C., Julie’s baby was meant to be a boy, because a little girl would have been a replacement Marissa, a move that would have seemed trite and slightly disturbing.”

Tell me there isn’t an aspect of that scene that screams TIME TO MAKE A NEW BABY. As if Jack’s need to be a father wasn’t already a huge factor, thanks to his literary need to redeem his own childhood, Kate just took a huge step into the babymaking box, storywise. Being a mother became a huge part of Kate’s story in season four, but she always had Aaron right there to temper the need for her to actually get pregnant, give birth, raise baby. Now that Aaron’s gone, that mothering story isn’t over, by any means. If anything, it’s ramped up.

While I would be 100% absolutely shocked for this night of Jate sex to result in a replacement baby, that would be awfully convenient, though, wouldn’t it? Then they wouldn’t even have to worry about Pregnant Woman Death Syndrome. I’m not going there. It’s not going to happen now.

But it is going to happen eventually. And I’ll be ready.

2 Responses to “Lost: How Many Times Can One Kid Get Abandoned? (By My Count? At Least Five.)”

mysticxf said...

I dunno about that secret.

I think Jack's more willing to trust that Kate did something to PROTECT the baby -- made a GOOD decision -- than to willingly be ok with the idea that she'd make a bad one. And this is so different from the Sawyer secret. She kept that a secret from him for three years, sneaking around behind his back, and THEN refused to tell him when he DEMANDED she tell him. This time, she kind of was up front. I did something, I'm in pain, but it's all for the best.

And while I'd absolutely love to see Jack and Kate make love (because they do not "fuck") I don't know if these are the right circumstances. Nevermind what the Skaters will say (they will have something to say no matter how the scene was set up) it just seems like she wants more comfort sex, and while Jack is actually the person she wants to be comfort-sexing her, I would hope he stops her and COMFORTS her, instead of just poking her with his penis.

BUT... given that she just finished "playing mommy", she certainly is ready to graduate to the real thing. And I think the "Island Mommy Death Syndrome" would still be looming over them both if she either returned to the island pregnant, or became pregnant on the island, but, surprise, Kate would be the first to conceive and carry to term and be perfectly ok -- because she's MEANT to.

This is making me antsy, having to wait now to see how we get to this place (which, for Kate, we apparently don't know until episode 12... more weeks for the Geese to speculate incorrectly) and what happens from here on out.

Me said...

^^^ Agree completely.

On FF someone pointed out that the ep is rated PG so it looks like the sex is either implied or Jack puts a stop to it. I'm leaning toward them leaving it ambiguous with a Kate pregnancy being a possibiliity. Cause as awesome as on-island jate-lovin is? I don't know that it can solve the pregnant women death curse.

They do seem to be estranged again on the plane back to the island so something doesn't go well. You know, I don't really give a damn anymore what the Skater's say though b/c when are they ever right? All summer the party line was "J/K are over for good. She can't stand the sight of Jack." Oops! Wrong. Don't even get me started on the kiss being cut. Sorry but all those Skaters on Dark looked like complete idoits after posting that shit. Now they are jumping all over the darkness of this scene and calling Jack a perpetrator. Anyone say desperate?? If he puts a stop to it? They have no passion/Jack is possibly gay? If they make love? He is misogynistic. Whatevs.
It's a gorgeous, passionate, angsty scene. And she isn't jealous over another man. Nor is she giving him a mercy screw cause she thinks he's going to die. Skaters better figure something out quickly because Jate is looking more endgame by the minute.