Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lost: Granddad Shephard is Now My Third-Favorite Shephard (But Someone Else May Soon Steal the Title)

First of all, screw me and my stupidity for not posting here my speculation about how Christian Shephard : 815 :: John Locke : Going Back to the Island. I’m an idiot. Mae will back me up, but that’s neither here nor there because it’s not here in print and that makes me stupid.

I loved that episode. Like, it’s gross how much I loved that episode. “316” might go down as being my favorite episode of all time, and not just because Jack and Kate totally did it.

People talk a lot about the “mythology” of Lost. Usually, they’re referring to things related specifically to the island’s history: frozen donkey wheel, Hostiles, anything involving Benjamin Linus or John Locke. But this is the mythology I love: the concept of fate, and how it relates to all of the castaways, but specifically Jack Shephard. His role as reluctant leader and unwilling participant in the island’s mythology is what fascinates me more than any other concept on the show. And I tell you, once that mythology becomes explicitly linked to the rest of the mythology—this crap’s going to get insane.

Jack’s story this season—as expected—has been about redemption. Last night, it seems he came (however reluctantly) to terms with his fate, spurred by Ms. Hawking’s amazingly quotable quote, “Oh, stop thinking how ridiculous it is and start asking yourself whether or not you think it’s going to work.”

It’s official: Jack’s relationship with the island is deep and real.

What was really great about that episode was that, in typical Lost fashion, it definitively ended an era (the Off Island Era) while assuring us that (A) there’s still SO MUCH MORE TO DO and (B) we’re going to need plenty of flashbacks to fill in loads of blanks.

Let’s talk about those blanks.

Sayid appeared to be in some kind of custody. Who’s the custodian? Why would they be sending him to Guam? That seems like an awfully big coincidence, no? Perhaps Sayid brokered some kind of deal—take me to Guam, THEN I’ll tell you everything I know.

Where’s Ji Yeon? Obviously everyone’s talking about Kate splitting up with Aaron, but I want to know what happened to Ji Yeon. Indefinitely with the babysitter? Part of a Widmore deal to help him find the island from the inside (maybe Sun told him where the Lamppost is?) and then he’ll come and bring the kid?

What happened to Ben’s face? Who’d he get in a fight with? Why? Final run-in with Charles Widmore?

And, yeah, seriously, what happened to Aaron? Where is he? Why did Kate suddenly decide it’s a good idea to give up her son and go with Jack? Because that was a big leap from “you guys are crazy” to “I’m going with you.” I’m not REALLY complaining, because I think Kate’s destiny is on the island, too—and Claire did tell Kate not to bring him back.

And let’s talk about proxies for a second, because I love theorizing on this, especially when you think about the consequences of this.

Jack is Jack, because he is.

Sayid, the prisoner, is Kate; his escort is the marshal.

Locke, the dead guy, is Christian Shephard.

Ben is Locke.

And Kate? Kate is Claire.

While I fully expect to get a post-coital flashback that elucidates a little on Jack and Kate’s frame of mind during that breakfast scene, at the airport (oh, God, his face!), and on the plane, at this point, that (implied) sex scene feels very random. Why was it necessary to show that Jack and Kate made love the night before going back to the island?

You know why I think?

‘Cause they made a baby.

Story-wise, it makes sense.

Going back to the island means giving up the opportunity to get pregnant and safely deliver a baby. I’d long been thinking that Jack and Kate’s Daughter of Destiny would break the pregnancy curse, but the getting pregnant off-island thing is way more convenient. Also, it’s kind of poetic—she’d have been conceived on the last possible night.

Speaking of poetic, how much dramatic irony is there in the concept of losing a child and gaining another on the same day? Maybe fate dictates not only that they have to go back to the island, but that they could have a baby when (and only when) she stopped pretending she was Aaron’s mother.

Jack offered Kate coffee, and although she held the mug in her hands, she never took a sip. Is it possible that this was a hint from the writers? 'Cause caffeine's not good for babies and all that.

It’s exciting to think about, even if it ultimately turns out not to be true.

You know what else is exciting to think about? Jack bringing Kate to meet his granddad. That’s a pretty little picture in my brain. Juliet delivering Lucy Shephard while Jack holds Kate’s hand. That’s season finale material right there, folks.

So what’s next?

Well, we gotta figure out what happened to Sayid, Sun, Ben, Lapidus, and the rest of Ajira 316. Are they on the island in a different time period? On the island, in the same time period, and just tossed to the other side of the island? Or are there some really freaked out people on that plane now, wondering when they jumped into the plot of “Left Behind,” the book series/Kirk Cameron movie?

From the looks of behind the scenes shots, it sure looks like they’re joining up with the old DI. Will Jack and Kate share a house at the barracks? When are they going to join up with the 815ers? Shall I start working on some pink baby booties? Will we see people like Desmond and Walt again? Will Locke remain a main character?

As usual, we got some really nice answers (the significance of the white tennis shoe!) and some really big questions. At least I know I’m watching the right show.

4 Responses to “Lost: Granddad Shephard is Now My Third-Favorite Shephard (But Someone Else May Soon Steal the Title)”

Me said...

God I love this idea but isn't there a spoiler about Kate drinking beer with Ben's dad???

No way she's preggers if that's the case.

316 is officially my favorite episode and I don't really know why I like it so much. I think it was b/c Jack is like SO completely GAGA over Kate. That look in the airport. Or when she asked him about the shoes. Or when the phone rang. Foxy was steamy hot. And Kate is "walls up" Kate again. It's OK cause we know even when she was that kinda girl in S1 there was a part of her
that wanted to be Eve even if "that wasn't the part of her that was calling the shots."

Unknown said...

Do I look like I care if the Jaby has fetal alcohol syndrome?

Roseanna said...

Oh my God I´m so happy I found your blog!
I love the idea that kate is the new Claire in the 316 flight and she got pregnant from Jack the night before! It would be so nice!! owwwww!!
i also love it: Juliet delivering Lucy Shephard while Jack holds Kate’s hand. That’s season finale material right there, folks. That would be best season finalle of all times!!
I read a lot of blogs of Lost, but i couldn´t find yet a real good Jater one! that´s why i´m so happy, i finnaly found it!
Your comments of Jater moments on lost and hilarious and lovely at the same time! A bit like them.... :P And I wanna come back here soon, ok?
Kisses! Rose!

Ps: I love Lucy Shephard already!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Rose! And yeah I'm a little too enamored with Lucy Shephard for my own good. It's going to be bad news if it doesn't happen.

Spread the blog around--it's always good to talk to new people!