Monday, February 23, 2009

Is It Odd That When...

...I see Ginnifer Goodwin and Justin Long together, like this--

Or even like this (in a promotional shot from He's Just Not That Into You)--

I am still unable to see them as anything other than this--

That's Ginnifer and Justin as Diane Snyder and Warren Cheswick on Ed, a show which I am all too familiar with. There's a theory to be made here that I could rank the shows I've watched in terms of who gets stuck as which character.

Ed > Big Love, for instance.

BUT Lost > Ed, because this woman--

--is Sarah Shephard.

And that's probably why this scene, from an old Party of Five episode, is disturbing on so many levels:

Call yourself an actor, but you will always be Jack Shephard to me. And you, ma'am, are probably stuck with being known as Dr. Saroyan to me for the rest of your professional career. Get over it--and thank you for not being pregnant.

3 Responses to “Is It Odd That When...”

Sophie Shephard said...

Dayum! Po5 on Hulu?

If I didn't already have season three on my computer, I would be spending the next twenty-five hours glued to that website.

I need me some season four.

Erin said...

I agree with this post. Seriously. This is basically how we communicate at my house. It's probably because I'm really bad with names, so it's easier to use ones I already know (like when we were watching Numb3rs and they had Captain John! (Who, let's face it, most people know as Spike.)). The only problem I run into is Alex Baldwin (see, I can remember names when I try). I never know whether to call him Casey or Jayne.

Unknown said...

LOL Erin I think you mean Adam Baldwin. And, hello, you're wrong, that guy is totally Knowle Rohrer, the supersoldier who got everyone in trouble on The X-Files, if you ever watched that. That's why I didn't trust him when he was on Bones, which was good, because he turned out to be a bad guy who tried to kill Bones. And it's one of the reasons why (sorry) I have trouble watching Chuck. I did see the suburbs episode! That was good!