Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bones: Shot...score.

A couple days ago I was able to get in some ice skating time. After the guy next to me, holding his five year old son, looked at the Zamboni resurfacing the ice and said "Isn't the Zamboni the best part?", I had that familiar fuzzy feeling and then remembered I hadn't expressed my fangirly joy about Fire In The Ice.

So....allow me to EXPRESS MY FANGIRLY JOY!!!

For almost 4 months I sat and waited and HOPED it wouldn't suck. Since I couldn't tear myself away from rewatching the skating scene 30 times, it wasn't until the next morning when I realized, "Whoa -- that was actually as good as I had hoped." We got sexy hockey player Booth, couples skating AND daddy issues all in one. Score.

What's better to start off with than Brennan being all girlfriendy with her OMGHEY wave to Booth and his howcuteareyourightnow/yeahbaby smile right back at her.

Insert WOOT here.

Then we head to the locker room and --

Insert WOOT #2

I wasn't exactly sure what they were trying to accomplish with the flirting between Booth and Perotta. Maybe just to remind us he is still a man? I don't know. Oh, David? Don't think I didn't notice the Phillies logo on the cast. Well played. Anyway, we learned that Booth doesn't like the daddy talk while Brennan seemed to get a little nervous about sharing Booth with an outsider. For someone who says she "embraces change", she sure wanted Perotta to keep her bags by the door. I was waiting for her to pee in a circle around Booth and stake her claim. My agent! MINE!

Oh, side note. This episode was filmed at the Ice Station Valencia which, coincidentally, was the exact location where Mae and I first experienced Michael Vartan in 3D. We won at life that day.

Let's skip all of the Booth and Perotta in the field stuff and get to the hallucination. Now, let me get this straight. A visit from Luc Robitaille was what Booth really needed to convince him that he was made of better stuff than his physically abusive, alcoholic father? The fact that he isn't an alcoholic and doesn't knock Parker around isn't enough? Or even the number of times Brennan has told him he's a great father and a great man. None of that got through? Hmmm. Alright then. Glad you got some reassurance, Booth. All that aside, I'm glad it resulted in Brennan having to take care of Booth a little bit. "I get nervous when you fall down and don't get up." Awww and with just the right mixture of worry and sarcasm. Plus we got a trip to Booth's apartment. Seemed a little dark in there though. Setting the mood a little, Booth? Alllriiight.

Now to the ending -- The B's On Ice.

This was the first time since Wannabe In The Weeds where we saw Booth and Brennan doing something fun outside of work. Can you believe that? After telling him he's the only agent she wants to work with and then latching herself onto his arm (again, my agent! mine!) and telling him he's made of "very, very good stuff", Booth sensed what was going on and gave her the reassurance she was looking for. Caroline has already talked about the different interpretations of "Forget about Agent Perotta. Alright? Nothing is going to change between me and you." I agreed with her that I don't think Hart and Co. write this show with the intention of having each word dissected and analyzed. However, something like, "Forget her. It's all about me and you." would have been much less ambiguous. Personally, I like option C: "Bones. Forget about her. She has nothing on you." Did anyone else notice he tried to cover up a smile when she wrapped her arms around his?

But honestly? Perfection. What radiates from them and between them -- you can't write that. You can't direct that. It's natural -- which is exactly how this scene turned out. I wouldn't be surprised if they gave them the pages for this scene and said, "Here's some ideas. Do your thing. We'll just roll camera." I'm sure the script didn't say, "Booth places his hands on Brennan's hips and begins to guide her forward while sporting a huge smile." I'm also semi-convinced she wasn't supposed to fall in the beginning either. Looks like someone caught a toe pick.

No matter how many times I watch it, it never stops being effing adorable. The closeness, grabbing for hands, smiling, laughing, Brennan clutching his finger, latching onto his arm, his hands on her hips, EVERYTHING about this scene.

That is ftw. Capturing one of those great moments where he gazes at her in amazement and adoration and you see just how happy he is to see/make her happy. Swoon.

"You're gonna make me fall."
"I'm never gonna make you fall. I'm always here. You kiddin' me?"

Works for me.

3 Responses to “Bones: Shot...score.”

mysticxf said...

That was one of the best moments on Bones ever. I can't get over how unbelievably romantic it was.

Honestly, I think the thing with Perotta was to show Brennan getting Jealous. We're sure Booth knows how he feels about Brennan; but sometimes it's not so clear how Brennan feels about Booth. So first they hint at jealousy with the British agent, now with this agent.

*sigh* I just love looking at the photo you posted... :)

Me said...

GUH, that scene on the ice epitomizes 100% everything I love about B/B. I could just watch it over and over. Hands on hips. Her arm through his. Holding hands. What happened to the "we barely even touch.." :)

Agree with Mysticxf re:Brennan jealousy being the point. It seemed like Booth both appreciated AND wanted to alleviate her jealousy.

Legendary! I love your comment "where Mae and I first experienced Michael Vartan in 3D. We won at life that day." I canned myself for 30 mins.

Absolutely agree with everything you have said!