Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snap!Spec #4: Soldiers, Boats, Certain Deaths--Why Did It Take Me So Long to Make This Connection?

In the X-Files episode "Triangle," Mulder goes looking for a ghost ship in the Bermuda Triangle. He finds it and time travels back to 1939, where the ship is sailing through the Caribbean, populated by Nazis, famous scientists, and the like.

Of course, these people are all represented by characters like Skinner, the Cigarette-Smoking Man, and Scully herself.

Mulder figures out a way to save the future and enlists the help of the Scully character to turn the boat around. He tells her what to do, gives her a big, goodbye kiss, she slaps him (hard), and he dives into the ocean to save history.

So I was thinking today--who else is going to find himself trapped on a water vehicle with a ghost?

Um, Booth?

Now, I'm pretty sure we're not going to get a kiss in this episode, but I think a declaration of love probably isn't out of the question. I wouldn't be surprised to see Booth either:

A. Tell Teddy Parker that he loves Brennan.
B. Tell Brennan that he loves Brennan.
C. All of the above.

An important distinction is that this would be a declaration of love, not in love. Not that the latter isn't true, I just wouldn't expect Booth to put that out there quite yet, and definitely not to Brennan.

Here's the clip of 1998 Mulder telling 1998 Scully that he loves her. (Also, I feel old.)

3 Responses to “Snap!Spec #4: Soldiers, Boats, Certain Deaths--Why Did It Take Me So Long to Make This Connection?”

Anonymous said...

Firstly, thanks for the X-Files clip-you are not alone in feeling old. Sigh! Re the declaration of love, I have had a feeling this may happen since the initial spoilers. It makes sense to assume that following the conversation regarding Rebecca (I love her, I don't like her (which on an aside I find a little off and maybe backwards as they seem to have reached a "like" position)) that the discussion would move onto Brennan and we would get something regarding Booth loving Brennan which would be awesome.

Me said...

OMG I love that X-Files clip, especially the ending, and I've never watched a single episode. Not one! :( Maybe just found myself something to do next Lost hiatus!

@Pratch & CC I get the feeling that he will tell Teddy something. No way he tells Brennan but there will be some sort of "Booth getting closer to admitting his feelings" vibe. I'd thought that Booth had an amicable relationship with Rebecca too after they had their "I don't want to marry you either" conversation. One thing I KNOW we've got to get at the end...
the Bones version of the "mother of all hugs."

Unknown said...

Kat, I highly recommend TXF, and I'm sure you'll find their partnership a less in your face version of Booth and Brennan's. The second half of that clip is actually from a later episode, after he had been abducted by aliens, had been buried (dead), and gotten her pregnant (maybe). PS I can't find your email address anywhere. Could you shoot me an email at I'd love to continue our conversations off-blog. (That goes for everyone!)