Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lost: Please Don't Baby William Le Petit Prince!

I was thinking earlier about what I know about this season of Lost and I got a little nervous. For Aaron.

Because, after next week’s episode, “The Little Prince,” I can’t remember hearing anything about the little prince. And having watched one of my favorite characters of all time give her son, who was very, very special, up for random adoption, I knew it could happen.

I was suddenly frantic about the possibility that Kate, to protect her son, would give him up.

It sure fit with the promo I saw last night.

And then I really worked at it. And I realized, there’s no way she could give up one-sixth of the Oceanic Six for anonymous adoption. If Lost was real, there’d be paparazzi photos of Aaron Austen on the Celebrity Baby Blog. And then I’d know how and where to purchase his precious little t-shirts.

Plus, that’s going to be really hard to explain to Claire, who they’ve got to assume is still on the island. (“Lost,” but still alive.)

In thinking about how this might end up happening, I realized there’s an easier—and more stomachable—answer.

Kate (and maybe Jack?) decides to send Aaron back to Korea with Sun.

A few pieces of evidence that lend credence to this idea:

1. Sun: “Are you sure you want to do this?”
2. That behind-the-scenes video of Sun on the phone with Ji Yeon, in which she discusses a new playmate, Aaron.
3. Shots of Jack, Kate, and Hurley joining up with the ol’ DI—with no Aaron in sight.

This is good because it’s really convenient. I’ve been wondering for months how they were going to solve this problem—the Kate as Mommy Problem. Because Kate’s big on going on A-Missions. And without Locke, she’s the only tracker they’ve got. But do you really think Jack’s going to want her to go trekking through the jungle when Aaron’s back at camp waiting for Mommy? Uh, no. This way, Kate can A-Mission the hell out of the island while Sun takes care of Aaron.

It also gets Aaron out of California and American jurisdiction. It’ll be much harder for the lawyers (and the US Marshals, hey-yo) to get their hands on Aaron when he’s in hiding in Korea.

What does that mean for the Kate/Sun friendship? ‘Cause I was getting a serious passive-aggressive vibe last week, and now Kate’s leaving her kid with her?


Still, I’m betting that’s what happens.

Maybe that face-eating kiss happens after Kate sends Aaron off. Jack comforts her and promises that he’s off the stuff and ready to keep the whole family safe. Jaters melt with the love, Skaters cry act of desperation.

While we’re at it, let’s talk about two long-standing theories that have been affected by recent developments.

Sawyer sees Kate and Claire in the jungle. Darlton confirms that you could come across a time-lapsed version of yourself. Hey there, Adam and Eve!

The beach camp is gone. The barracks are (maybe kinda) gone. The caves are looking like a pretty good place to make shelter. Hey there, Adam and Eve!

4 Responses to “Lost: Please Don't Baby William Le Petit Prince!”

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I'm pretty sure that the Sky 1 behind the scenes video shows that Sun will return to the island as well. So, I have no idea what happens with either Aaron or Ji Yeon.

As for Adam & Eve - I still totally think that it will be Jack and Kate and all this time travel hoo-ha is only strenghthening that theory. Plus - in Jughead we get our first glimpse of the island in 1954 - exactly 50 years before the 2004 scene where Jack says the skeletons are 50 years old.

The scene with Richard and Locke seemed to suggest that 1954 Richard didn't know of any time shifting properties of the island, which makes me think 1954 was a pivotal year on the island...and therefore for Adam & Eve.

Anonymous said...

didn't know if you'd seen these great Jack/Kate pictures yet...,,1550612_20245765_20257259,00.html

can't get a link in the comment box, so I guess you'll have to copy the link and paste it in your browser--enjoy!

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