Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lost: In More Concrete News...

There are new promos and promo pictures out for 5x04, "The Little Prince."

The idea I'm getting is that Claire's mom is the one leading the charge to test Aaron and Kate's DNA. And, from old spoilers, that Ben's trying to kidnap Aaron. A lot of people are speccing that Ben manipulates the situation to encourage Carole Littleton's involvement, thereby forcing Kate to take action and perhaps seek solace on the island.

I hoped a long time ago that this would incite Jack and Kate to join forces, at first just for safety's sake. I wanted to see them act as concerned parents in this situation, and while I'm sure the whole thing will go down in a much more intricate way than I can conceive of, it does seem like the situation is going to lead to some pretty heavy stuff for Jate.

In a behind the scenes video of shooting "The Little Prince," we see Jack and Kate arrive at a marina meeting together in Kate's Volvo. Jack says softly, " that we get you and Aaron someplace safe," to which Kate replies, "Safe from who?" Later (or earlier, who knows?), she asks, "Jack, why did you call me today?" And he says, "I told you, I was worried."



Carpooling to the Oceanic Six meeting!

Quite unexpectedly, I saw a new promo for Lost during Grey's Anatomy the other day. Now, this promo isn't up on Dark, but I swear to God, I saw it. It shows Jack and Kate kissing--and smiling.

And then there are these pictures, which for the life of me, I can't stop looking at.

Jack in the rain! Smiling! The other day, I wanted to change my Facebook picture to one of an excited-looking Kate, and I was stupidly surprised to find that there really aren't that many pictures of either one of them feeling gleeful. Yeah, there's jolf, and verbal copulation, and there's "Something Nice Back Home," of course, but these pictures here really capture that SQUEE I wanted. And look at these! The angles surely suggest they're making eye contact here:

Now, if you do see the same promo I saw (with the kissing), don't be fooled by the shot immediately after of a man holding a gold band in his hand. I will admit that I gasped when I saw it, thinking, by the transitive property, that the ring belonged to Jack, but then I remembered there's been a spoiler about Ben giving Jin's wedding ring to Sun. Nice try, promo monkeys, but you will not get my hopes up high just to dash them to the ground!

I'm anticipating that this episode will be very angsty for Jack, Kate, and the whole Lie!Fam lie. But what's exciting is that it seems like we'll get some shippy moments, too. Maybe it'll even be like SNBH in reverse--angst at the beginning, romance toward the end. I would surely appreciate that.

Finally, I would just like to point out some quotes that came out today from Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway. In the SkyOne thing that everyone's been talking about today, Evie said she thinks Kate will end up with Jack and Josh said he thinks Kate should end up with Jack.

What would be awesome is if somehow this season we could just get the answer to the triangle question--that even Matthew Fox wanted to know the answer to--definitively. Then I could survive some Skate interaction in the latter half of season five or in season six. Because I'd know how it would turn out. Or, conversely, I'd know that I could comfortably stop watching the show.

I'm pretty sure we're right, though, Jaters. You know how being a Lost shipper is a little like being bipolar, where one day you're so convinced you're right and the next you've resigned yourself to the fact that you're probably wrong? Well, I've been having a lot of good days lately, encouraged by everything being said by the producers, the news that Sawyer has two non-Austen love interests this season (yay! I'll ship them both!), and the concrete Lost information that's been coming out.

But check in with me tomorrow. I might need a hug.

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Me said...

"Sawyer has two non-Austen love interests this season (yay! I'll ship them both!)"

LOL - me too!
Jaters have had a good week! And after I saw the promo kiss too - I've it Tivo'd so I know it wasn't a figment of my imagination- I am feeling tentatively positive. At the moment. But, as you said, ask me tomorrow and I'll tell you something different.

I hadn't seen the Foxy question from ComicCon so thanks for that link - too cute.