Monday, January 26, 2009

ER: Well, That Was Unexpected

I never thought I’d see the day. I even wrote on this very blog about how it would never happen, because it was too ridiculous. And it’s still ridiculous. But George Clooney is coming back to ER. Allegedly. Probably.

I love Clooney. I love Doug. I love Doug and Carol. Even so, I think this guest appearance is going to suck beyond all measure. But I will watch it. Because I am weak. And the set pictures floating around have Doug wearing a wedding ring and, well, I lived through all that nonsense with kissing the paramedic and Doug skipping town and missing the pregnancy and the way they tried to make Luka/Carol happen. So if we get to expand upon that one little moment of happiness where they reunite on the dock (regardless of whether they get Julianna Margulies back)… I’ll take it.

Which isn’t to say it won’t be cheesy and awful. There’s no way it can’t be. Because all of these guest spots from old cast members have the same problem. And that is that Neela is the most senior cast member. So you wind up with two, maybe three recurring nurses who know the old cast members, while everyone else stands around and shrugs. It’s awkward.

And the lack of connections between characters means the writers try to create connections where they don’t exist. They try to do this fanfic-y thing where all the characters on the canvas are magically besties. When Gloria Reuben came back last year, she had a throwaway line about meaning to visit Doug and Carol in Seattle. Wha?!? If I remember correctly, Jeannie briefly worked with Doug in season five and then he crashed a car in his last episode and nearly killed her. That was the extent of their relationship, and Jeannie and Carol were never particularly close.

They did the exact same thing when they wrote out Elizabeth Corday. Her farewell scene was with Carter, whom she had almost nothing to do with. He was just the only one left from that era.

So, yeah. I don’t look forward to the story that either brings someone (Carter?) to Seattle or lands a member of the Hathaway-Ross family in the ER. Neither way makes any sense and if his episodes do coincide with Noah Wyle’s, I’m sure TPTB will invent a close relationship that they never had.

And yet… George Clooney looks really cute in scrubs.

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Unknown said...

I've heard it's going to be documentary-style, and thus even though Clooney's on the set of ER, his scenes will actually take place in Seattle. Does it take too much work to make a joke about how he works at, like, Mercy West or Seattle Presbyterian or one of those other hospitals in Seattle that gets mentioned on Grey's? That would crack me up.

This scenario would please me, for all the reasons you've previously mentioned. Don't force interaction between Dr. Ross and, like, Sam Taggart. Waste of time.

But it would be lovely to have Doug reminisce about his time at County--I'm imagining things like "My daughters were born at County," "My best friend Mark Greene...," and the like.

Also, can we OMGWHOA at the fact that the twins are TEN YEARS OLD?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I do think you're right in some things like connections that don't exist between some characters, but I believe other connections do, even if it's talking about it in the "work environment" and not a fully friend realtionship which some characters developed, for example about Jeannie saying she would visit Doug & Carol, I think she meant and thought in her head when she said it to Haleh, Chuny and Malik, "we weren't so much of a friends, but they were my workmates and we spent time together at County so perhaps I should tell everyone that I would consider visiting them". Carter and Corday was a different relationship, they did get along pretty well, maybe not like they did with other docs but I disagree about Carter and Corday having nothing to do one with the other. Perhaps the most akward of characters to connect with most of the ER staff was Weaver, she indeed had many bumps in the road with everyone (the biggest bump I think was with Chen) and even though if they were to make a final appearance in the show (which I doubt) I believe there would still be a very weak but existant connection between them and everyone else who got the chance to say a "hello" or a "good night" to each other in the ER.

Anonymous said...

I think they could bring his son to the ER. If you remember in the 1st season 'Doug' mentions that he has an 8yr old son who hes never seen. If you follow the math through his son would now be 23. Thus during the 15th season his son would be eligible to start an er rotation as an intern....

Anonymous said...

This is ER's last season. For those of us who has watched from the beginning it marks the end of an era.This season the shows rich history is being highlighted with returning faves. How genious was the episode where Bansfield's son was treated by Mark Greene. I do not care if there are connections with current cast. I am watching to see who they bring back each week. We should appreciate this last year of ER because there will NEVER be a show like it EVER. I cried when Pratt died. Laughed when Morris made a connection with Banfield when she got drunk. Cheered Neela on when she struggled with her attraction to the Austrailian doctor. Sat on the edge of my seat wondering if Sam's son would live. This show NEVER lost it's magic. It lost faithful's viewers who wanted something new. I for one am saddened this powerhouse is ending. Thank you for taking the time to hear what I had to say.

Anonymous said...

I would guess they may make a connection between Carter being sick and Doug coming to visit. It looks like Carter is on dialysis maybe a setback from getting stabbed about ten years ago or so.