Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bones: Fox Gets Scheduling Correct; In Other News, Pigs Fly, Hell Freezes Over

Okay, first of all, sorry for my absence. I've only really been remiss in blogging; my eyes and ears have not strayed far from the rumor mill. So much has been leaked since my last post, I just haven't found a free half hour to post.

Seriously, I have so much to talk about, I could do nonstop blogging until next Wednesday and not say everything there is to say.

So, in a bizarre series of events leading back to President Bush's Farewell Address, Bones will indeed be airing in the originally-intended order: "Double Trouble in the Panhandle," "Fire in the Ice," "Hero in the Hold."

Excuse me while I do a dance of joy.

We did a few posts on the ridiculousness of the out-or-order airing, which would have made it "Panhandle," "Hero," and "Fire." Basically, "Fire in the Ice" introduces Agent Payton Perrotta, who comes on with eyes for Booth and therefore a significant bias against her. In "Hero in the Hold," she's around, helping Brennan solve the case. So, wouldn't it be weird for her to help our team save Booth in "Hero" and then the very next week, it's, like, "Here's this new agent, Booth. She's investigating you for murder."

Um, awkward.

The inevitable payoff of awesome in "Hero in the Hold" is all the more awesome if it comes after they go through the initial "Fire in the Ice" mumbo jumbo; I'd be a little crushed if Booth has monumental progress with Brennan in "Hero" and then gets all flirty-flirty with this new girl the very next week.

So what happened is Bush pushed "Panhandle" off the schedule this week. Fox tried to compensate by airing two episodes next week, initially announcing it would be "Panhandle" and "Hero," in its original air schedule--not its original writing or production schedule. But then it seems like somebody thought twice, realizing that "Hero in the Hold" is too big to (A) not promote the hell out of it and (B) not to air during February sweeps.

So while I'm disappointed that we'll be waiting a little longer for "Hero," I'm glad that everything's in the right order and that we're finally going to get to see "Fire in the Ice," in which Booth and Brennan take to the ice and have a (romantic?) skating session. It's maybe our favorite anvil, and the girls of Chaos in General have been waiting rather impatiently for this episode since we saw the sides last year.

Well done, Fox, well done.

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