Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bones: But What Does It Mean?

If you haven't seen the sweet-as-sugar episode capper to "Fire in the Ice," you should do that right now. In fact--

(Thanks, 206_bones!)

I mean, I just...I've watched this scene about thirty times so far. Every time, I'm like, "Okay, this time I'm just going to focus on Booth." "Okay, this time I'm just going to focus on Brennan." "Okay, this time I'm just going to focus on Booth's hands."

I love everything about the scene--him watching her with adoration and awe, her grasping his arm with both hands, him steadying her by holding onto her hips. We knew this scene would be romantic when we first heard the words "ice rink" and "disco ball," but I'm not sure I was prepared for just how wonderful it would be.

At first glance, it's just about the most romantic thing we've ever seen.

And then, as we so often do, we paid a little too much attention to the dialogue and got confused.

Because what does Booth mean when he says, "You know what? Forget about Agent Perrotta. All right? Nothing's gonna change between me and you."

Courtesy of Leigh and me, here are some possible translations:

1. The OMGLOVEYOU Variation: "Yeah, I've been thinking about hitting that. But now I'm here with you and you're so freakin' adorable and sweet and just...everything. Agent Perrotta is so not worth messing with this."

2. The Stop Feeling Threatened Variation: "I know what you're trying to say, and I get it. You're feeling a little threatened. And I'm telling you, forget about Agent Perrotta. That's not happening. I have everything I need right here."

3. The We'll Be Okay Variation: "Yeah, listen, I'm working on that. People have needs. But not matter what happens with her, it doesn't change the way I feel about you."

4. The Partners Forever Variation: "Okay, seriously? Forget about her. I want to be out in the field with you. I want to work with you. That's it. Don't worry."

Ultimately, we think the Bones writers don't really write dialogue that's meant to be overanalyzed.

If anything, we think it was a slight admission by Booth that he's a patient guy. He may have to wait a while for her to figure out that she wants the whole package, but he's really okay with what they have right now. He can tell her secrets, and she doesn't make fun of him or call him stupid. She's supportive and trusting (Hello! Knives!) and she's figured out how to make him calm, happy, and content. She's enough.

Notice how she brings up Perrotta with a hint of nervousness. Seems like she threw out that "You're the only FBI agent I want to work with" in an attempt to get reassurance that he wasn't going to mess with their team. (In this respect, he definitely succeeded in reassuring her.)

Over the course of their conversation on the ice, Booth seems to realize what was going on and allays her fears.

It doesn't say much about what, if anything, he was trying to accomplish with the flirting with Perrotta, Leigh noted, but maybe the last scene was also meant to cancel all that crap out, including that conversation Brennan had with Perrotta about the twinkly eyes.

Because seriously, no twinkly eyes that Booth has ever made in his life compare to the twinkly eyes he makes at Brennan. It's ridiculous.

6 Responses to “Bones: But What Does It Mean?”

Anonymous said...

This episode proves another universal (see alias) rule of television: OTP + Ice rink/Hockey=Fangirl heaven.

What a perfect episode from a shipper perspective. An outsider would assume these two were a couple what with the "disciplinary box" wave right through to this scene. Loved the shout out to Wannabe in the Weeds with "I get nervous when you fall down and don't get up" (even the camera angles were the same). Will there by another shout out in HITH?

Re the dialogue -i think Brennan was talking about a lot more than FBI Agents -check out the halting delivery and shippy eyes. Booth's response gets filed for me under the "you're the only one for me" category. She's getting there and he knows it and he also knows that "you can't rush her" ala Pain in the Heart.

Anonymous said...

I loved the way she was so hesitant and the "but, um . . ." before she told him she only wanted to work with him. I mean, when is Brennan ever that unsure or timid about anything?

I have to go with the #2 version of the translation. I didn't think the flirting he was doing was any big deal anyway. First of all, he's a GUY, that's what they do. Second of all, if someone was investigating me for murder, I'd be sure to be extra special nice to them too. Booth has used his charm in the past to make things go smoother, why wouldn't he do it when his own ass is on the line?

Also, a random observation . . . it struck me during my eleventy-seventh viewing that there was such a contrast between Booth in the game and Booth on the ice with Brennan. I really like that she's gone from being the person who irritates the hell out of him to the person who soothes and softens him up. Kinda like he's done for her in earlier seasons.

mysticxf said...

I was a little weirded out by the flirting, but Booth does have a charming way about him and Perrotta wasn't butting heads with him... but I do love when Bones gets just a wee bit jealous.

And that end scene? They could have melted the ice man and turned it into Kool Aid with extra sweetner if they wanted to. I was just telling someone how much it sounded like they were taking vows, getting married.

Who better to be with, but you.
You're the only one for me.
I'm not messing with what we got.
I won't make you fall.
I'll be here for you.

Guh. I don't analyze, I just melt into mushy puddles.

Unknown said...

Good observations all around. I feel like, regardless of how we translate the dialogue (and, like I said, I don't even really think the writers are necessarily *looking* for anyone to translate--this is Bones, after all), you come out with preciousness at the end. Good God, that was sweet.

Me said...

God, I loved that ending. After the crap that was the Circus episode - sorry but I really disliked that one I loved Fire in the Ice so much. It's up there with Con Man for me as favorite two episodes of the season and to think HitH is next.

The flirting didn't really bother me since Booth does flirt periodically. He even kind of flirted with the Albie chick. I don't think it was ever serious on his part but it was more than just Booth being charming. I think it was more Booth being human and reacting to a cute chick. I even wonder if he didn't LOVE the fact that it made Brennan jealous. He was almost giddy in the whole final scene but sometimes it's hard to know if that's just DB bubbling through or Booth actually being that happy. Anyway, I'm going with a combo of #2 and 4 in your list. I think he was acknowleding her jealousy and alleviating her conerns in saying that their emotional connection is always going to be there but I think negatively he was also saying that they would always be what they are in that moment. I think the line remains there for Booth although at times he considers ignoring it. I do think he knows he loves her and I think he wants her to realize she feels the same but I don't think that it means he would want to chance ruining their relationship/partnership. "Nothing's gonna change" means he is happy with what they are. Which is both good--and bad--for us.

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