Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Grey's Anatomy: Derek Has a Ring. Oh, No.

The big Grey's news right now--at least for MerDer fans--is that McDreamy has a ring.

He has a ring, y'all!! The family heirloom, given to Derek by his approving mother, was maybe the last push he needs to convince himself that, yes, Meredith is the one. I feel like his half of their journey has been in reconciling the fact that it feels right, it just hasn't always functioned right. Having Carolyn Shepherd voice her opinion that Meredith is The One--and who saw that one coming? Not me--had to have felt like such validation to Derek.

He got all teary when his mom said, "She's the one," immediately responding with a watery "Yeah."

Here, we see that an upcoming episode will show Derek taking steps toward an engagement: "Now that Derek has the engagement ring, he searches for the perfect way to propose to Meredith."

So, MerDer shippers should be feeling pretty good right about now. Ring in hand, things definitely seem to be looking up for Derek and Meredith. In this promo, we even see Derek showing the heirloom ring to Cristina:

At first glance, it's all OMGSQUEE.

And then, I recalled this.

Susan: Oh, wow. That is a nice rock.
Carter: It was my great-grandmother's. My great-grandfather gave it to her the day he left for the army.
Susan: You know, I don't think she'll mind that it's second-hand.

And then, I recalled this.

And then, I recalled this.

This is the face I make every day in response to Carby woe.

So I refuse to get my hopes up on Derek and Meredith getting engaged. Because even though we have this picture of what looks like McDreamy preparing for a McProposal, we also have a picture of him holding the telephone and looking shocked/confused/disappointed.

That said, proposals NEVER go as planned, even the ones that eventually work out.

Chandler and Monica's hopes looked dashed right up until they finally proposed to each other. My shock at The Office's season four ending without a Jam engagement was far smaller than my shock at its fifth season starting with a Jam engagement. So just because I'm confident that the first MerDer proposal won't take (because there's no way it's going to be that easy), it doesn't necessarily have to spell doom and gloom.

Or you can believe TV Guide.

Yesterday at the nail salon I picked up the Evangeline Lilly issue of TV Guide, which--in addition to featuring some gorgeous pictures of Evie--had a little teaser of the upcoming Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice crossover dealio. Apparently it involves Addison's brother having a brain condition, so Addie, Archer, Sam, and Naomi road trip to Seattle, assumedly to get help from Dr. Ex Husband.

(Could this be the shocking phone call Derek gets that interrupts his proposal plans? The timing seems right.)

Now, that's not the most interesting part of the story. The interesting part is that the article refers to Derek as Meredith's "fiance."

Obviously, this could just be a slip-up. Live-in boyfriend, fiance--same difference, right?

The rest of the snippet, though, seems to insinuate that the writer had seen at least some of the crossover material. Is it possible that TV Guide let slip something that we weren't supposed to know? Like that Derek and Meredith are already engaged by that point?

I'm not really sure. I would be delighted to see them get engaged during February sweeps, but it just doesn't feel like they've been on a long enough "together" trajectory for that to really be feasible.

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