Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lost: If There's a Secret Message Hidden in These Promo Pics, I Don't See It

Making their way around the internets are some cast promotional photos for season five of Lost. Individual shots of the actors in character posing, looking at the camera. Not a big deal.

Except this year, ABC is being a huge hardass about these shots, making them a pretty hot commodity on the Lost black market. That's fine, I guess. It's not like we don't know how to outsmart Darlton and the network (cough LostFan108 cough). But it strikes me as a little odd that they've gone to such great lengths to get these pics off the internet.

I mean, they are supposed to be promotional pictures, right?

There are a couple reasons I can think of for why ABC's cracking down so hard.

1. They're spoilerish inasmuch as they tell you who's in the cast. Note: There aren't shots of Daniel Dae Kim or Emilie de Ravin, perhaps lending a note to the fates of Jin and Claire.

2. There are SO many shots for each actor, that maybe they're not supposed to be out at all yet. Some of them are kind of awkward-looking; maybe the photo experts are still working on whittling these down to the best of the bunch.

3. They're really effing weird. Here are a few I snagged last night:

I mean, what the hell? For starters, what's with all the props? And why is Sawyer all dressed up? And why is Ben striking such a sexy pose? It's all really freaking me out.

But is there really anything hidden in these photos that ABC folks really shouldn't want us to see? Doubtful. If there is, I'm not figuring it out.

What ARE interesting are the behind-the-scenes photos Dark posted today.

Perhaps most exciting are those sexy jumpsuits.

You know, it's funny, because scrubs are notoriously unflattering, but shows like Grey's Anatomy and ER get tailored scrubs made for the actors so they end up looking super-sexy in them. (Shonda Rhimes says theirs come with lycra, an essential fabric ingredient.) Leave it to Lost, though, to forego any sexifying ingredients in those swank DHARMA jumpsuits. Evangeline Lilly would look adorable in a paper sack, but that jumpsuit isn't doing anything for Elizabeth Mitchell.

Then there's Sawyer, clearly wearing a jumpsuit that says "LeFleur, Head of Security."

1. I suppose this means that the episode "LeFleur"/"LaFleur" is Sawyer-centric. Unfortunate for me, but I guess since he's had exactly as many centric episodes as Juliet, who's been in fewer than half as many episodes as The Future Mr. Juliet, he's sort of due.

2. Normally, I'd jump to the conclusion that Sawyer just grabbed a random jumpsuit. But Juliet's jumpsuit identifies her as "Juliet, Motor Pool."

3. Someone didn't accurately read the results of the career aptitude test. Having Sawyer as Head of Security is like having Sayid as Head of the Party Planning Committee.

You know, I have total faith that Jack and Kate will figure things out, and it's obvious that they'll figure out a way to get back to the island. While I am so excited to see them come back together--I'm super-jazzed about Jorge Garcia's insistence that the Oceanic Six, facing complications, will have to split into teams, giving the Lie!Fam some quality time together--I think my greatest excitement for the new season is seeing what's been happening on the island.

(Read: I can't wait to see Suliet in action.)

Thanks to DarkUFO for the pics!

7 Responses to “Lost: If There's a Secret Message Hidden in These Promo Pics, I Don't See It”

Anonymous said...

Sawyer had 4 centric episodes: Confidence Man, Outlaws, The Long Con and Every Man for Himself.

Juliet had 3 centric episodes: Not In Portland, One of Us and The Other Woman.

Jules is looking great as Dharma lady and her hippie-chic style. Love her.

Unknown said...

Ick--"Confidence Man." That's the one I'd blocked from my brain. Thanks for the correction!

Unknown said...

Still, Sawyer's been in 72 episodes and Juliet's only been in 29. The appearance-to-centricity ratio is still incredibly skewed.

Me said...

Could be that LaFleur is just the episode Sawyer will die in. Oops, did I say that out loud?

God, I hope we don't get a Sawyer-centric unless it's the one that shows him declaring his undying love to Julz. I do not need to see anymore FBs of Sawyer conning/bedding women.

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