Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lost: Fake Lawyers, True Love

There’s not much to say about the Lost sneak peek that was released yesterday except for ZOMG.

You know, whenever I have a bad break-up with someone who I want out of my life (and my kid’s life), I always leave adorable pictures of them prominently displayed in my home.

Don’t you?

I mean, if ever an example of how, yeah, Kate doesn’t want Crazy Bearded Jack to be part of her and Aaron’s life, but she’d really like it if Normal Jack could reappear. She really loves that guy.

How’d you feel if you were on a date with a guy and things move back to your house and his eye catches on that framed photograph of a guy with your kid?

“Is that Aaron’s dad?”

“No, that’s my ex-fiancé.”


Also, the kid in that picture is not the actor who’s been playing Aaron in recent flashes and in that clip. It’s a significantly younger kid, which says to me that the Jack/Kate established relationship lasted longer than the one week the Skaters are allowing.

That glimpse alone was enough to make up for the fact that yesterday was a dark day for my 108 Days in 108 Days project. (See: “I Do.”)

So Kate, world-class Runner, is back on the run—but from whom?

And where will she be going?

We’ve seen (perhaps) the back of this person’s head, which we spotted in the music video two weeks ago. Some people are speculating that this could be Cassidy, others suspect it’s Sun, and I think we’re all in agreement that she’s not going to head to Jack’s.

‘Cause once the lawyers come back with the sheriff, they’ll take one look at her living room, spot the picture of Jack and Aaron, and be like, “Well, find that guy.”

Obviously he is important to this family.

In fact, I think what will happen is Kate will have to call Jack and tell her that somebody’s after her. Because she obviously knows something fishy’s going on, and that’s going to affect Jack, as well. And maybe this will be part of the impetus that tells Kate that she has to go back to the island. Yeah, on the island, there are smoke monsters, but in the real world, there are (fake?) lawyers.

Photo from Dark.

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