Friday, December 19, 2008

Bones: Hi-Res Photos Spell LOTS of "Trouble"

QFemale at the LJ comm 206_bones has hi-res versions of the promo shots for "Double Trouble in the Panhandle."

Knowing they were playing married couple Buck and Wanda Moosejaw, I was clearly looking for the Moosejaws' wedding rings. In this shot, you can clearly see both Booth and Brennan's left hands, and they are decidedly unadorned. But this picture also looks like it's from the "day-after recovery scene" we so often see, with Booth and Brennan laughing off a particularly ridiculous case. (I'd compare it to the above scene from "The Mummy in the Maze.")

Here it is:

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It makes sense--they're obviously all askew in the light of day, having a cup of coffee by the trailer and thinking about the silliness of their jobs. (The FBI! Such a lark! What a giggle!*)

But if that was the case, then why is Brennan still in that costume? Because it does not by any means look comfortable, and if I was her, I'd have long since given in and validated that old Booth-and-Brennan-naked-in-bed-together rumor about 12 hours ago.

Maybe they have to stay up all night doing paperwork. Maybe Booth just really likes the outfit.

In any case, have a look at those pics. They are of the ridiculous and make me very excited for the season's back half. Yay spring!

* At a White House event I was at recently, the Chief of Correspondence told a story about Ronald Reagan and what sounded a lot like Flat Stanley. Apparently President Reagan's response to receiving the thing, whatever it was, was "Such a lark! What a giggle!" I love that.

4 Responses to “Bones: Hi-Res Photos Spell LOTS of "Trouble"”

Breda said...

He also still looks like he's wearing his leather pants (which, as someone pointed out: leather stirrup pants with striped socks. LOVE HIM). He's definitely wearing suspenders (which seem to be a Booth undercover costume staple). So while I don't know what would have them still in costume, I think they both are.

Unknown said...

ZOMG you're so right--the undone suspenders are just...whoa. And I said to someone yesterday, "No one can say no to leather pants and an FBI badge." Delicious.

Me said...

Mussy morning-after hair. Brennan missing one earring. Goofy, contented smiles. All this can mean only one thing: they've been THINKING about having sex and pretending they weren't. sigh.

Booth can keep those leather pants on as long as he wants. They should be standard issue FBI. Wonder if Bones will comment on his hotness? You know he's going to have his traditional speechless in the presence of Brennan's beauty.

Me said...

BTW loved the RR quote. I can imagine him having said that. He was always wonderfully quotable.