Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bones: Episodes being shown in order? What a concept!

About a week ago I typed up a rant.

I was raging at Fox because they decided it was better to show "Hero In The Hold" before "Fire In The Ice".

The original order has "Fire In The Ice" up first. We are introduced to Agent Payton Perotta, flirting occurs between her and Booth and the episode concludes with an empty ice rink, a disco ball and a wobbly Brennan locking arms with a concussed Booth. Next would be "Hero In The Hold" where Booth is having drug-induced hallucinations and, oh yeah, trying to find his way off of a Navy destroyer littered with C4 off the Atlantic coast. Payton pops in again to aide in Booth's rescue but hopefully just long enough to see she has no chance with him. All building up to an intense rescue and a patented B/B end scene that, as of yet, I know nothing about but still has me squeeing with excitement.

Fox thought they knew how to tell this story better than the team of people who wrote it and wanted to reverse the order. Right -- because it makes perfect sense that Booth, after nearly becoming nothing more than a reef decoration and addressing some demons from his past, would be rescued at the last minute by Brennan (who clings to him after the rescue, no less) only to turn around and flirt with Payton a week later. It also makes a ton of sense to see everyone at the Jeffersonian already know who she is and then see her meet them all for the first time. Brilliant!

Can you see the reasoning behind my anger?

Fast forward to last night when I received a call from Caroline telling me to "get online! now!" so I could check out some promo pictures from Hero(!!!), found here. Much to my delight, it was announced that it will air on January 22nd and is numbered as 4x13. Since we've only seen through 4x11, 4x12 should be shown on the 15th and should be hockey time. Should being the operative word.

Phew. No rant needed. No more anger. Good job, Fox. I'll gladly take back or withhold a rant if it means I get what I want.

Just a quick sidenote on those pictures; I really don't know how it never occurred to me that Booth would be soaking wet during a good part of this episode. I guess my Christmas is coming in January.

Fine by me.

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Rains said...

Bones is a nice tv show!!! I love this because of its plot, story & its characters. Its one of my favorites for all time. So guys enjoy this great show!!!