Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bones, Alias, and the Art of Getting Buried Alive

Goodness, when are we going to get hi-res versions of those promotional shots that came out yesterday afternoon?

I, for one, am dying.

I was in class last night, surreptitiously checking my Google Reader when my teacher’s back was turned, when I saw the pics from “Hero in the Hold” were up on Dark.

I could barely contain my excitement, but managed to do so until class was dismissed (ten minutes late, might I add) and I could call Leigh from the hallway of the business building.


First of all, the episode will air January 22 and is labeled 4x13, making the January 15 episode (undoubtedly “Fire in the Ice”) 4x12.

As Leigh posted last night, all is right with the world.

Secondly, damn.

We keep getting this stuff right.

As more and more information trickles in about this episode, it continues to shock me that the Chaos in General initial speculation and squee seems to be coming true.

Because I don’t want to make a claim on something when these pictures are so decidedly low-res, but that sure looks like Brennan in formalwear with a trench over it. I mean, check out those earrings! Either she and Booth (and, from the looks of it, Cam and Angela) were at a fancy function, or she is way done up for work.

I no longer believe that they’re going to kiss in this episode, given what Hart Hanson said about keeping the audience (and Booth and Bones) perennially frustrated, but I am not rescinding my assertion that this episode is going to bring serious forward motion for these characters. Leigh and I spent almost an hour last night speccing on how this might happen.

Basically, this episode has to end with them having a scene where the theme is “You almost died today and I just want to be next to you.” We’ve both accepted this theme and have been arguing about where this scene will take place. (She thinks Brennan’s office; I think an empty post-party ballroom at the Jeffersonian.)

Today, I remembered (perhaps belatedly) that there’s a buried alive episode of Alias--it’s from season four and it’s called “Tuesday.” It’s kind of great: Marshall has to rescue Sydney because there’s a biological contaminant at APO and they’re under quarantine, but Marshall was late for work, so he has to be the one to go to Cuba and dig her out. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is also the infamous spork episode.)

You wanna know something interesting?

That episode is Alias’s 4x13.

And while Vaughn doesn’t get to be the one to rescue Sydney from The Gravedigger/”Third Faction,” he does get to dance with her.

See, they were talking about going dancing when she got kidnapped, and he made up for the interruption in the end by taking her dancing in the train station at the end of the episode.

Here it is, all minute-long sweetness:

So WHAT IF that’s a similar motif for “Hero in the Hold”? What if Booth and Brennan are at this event, and she owes him a dance? He’s going to go run to the bathroom real quick and ends up getting kidnapped and stuck on a ship. Ruh-roh.

And that sets up for the end of the episode to be Booth and Brennan making up for the fact that they didn’t get to dance at the party. Whether this is in the now-empty ballroom or in her office or her apartment or whatever, it could be delightfully romantic without them having to force anything. I love in that clip how they start out with a formal hands-clasped dance and end with Vaughn whispering something into her ear. Just freaking wonderful.

Is that too much to ask?

As an aside, 4x13 of Lost is "There's No Place Like Home," in which Jin, Desmond, and Michael are trapped on the Searcher with a bunch of C4. Heh.

ETA: Apparently, inexplicably, "Double Trouble in the Panhandle" is 4x12. I'll let Leigh rant away, because this is ridiculous.

3 Responses to “Bones, Alias, and the Art of Getting Buried Alive”

Anonymous said...


Very excited having seen the photos. Love the idea of post-crisis dancing. Also possibility that Brennan will say something along the lines of you died once, I wasn't going through that again (because personally it is killing me that his whole fake death has not been addressed in terms of Brennan's emotional reaction.) One thing though is that certain episodes are still being shown out of order if Double Trouble in the Panhandle was originally scheduled to air before either of the two episodes currently scheduled for January.

Me said...

You guys are brilliant for picking up on this with the buried alive thing. 100% agree that Brennan is in formal wear and wet Booth is obviously as well so I just really want a moment BEFORE he is taken between the two when they are like on the cusp of something and then he's taken, and then...the dance at the end would be perfection.

Now if there is no dance I'm completely disappointed. I'm SO ticked though that the Perotta flirt fest is now going to come after "Hero" but "Double Trouble" looks to be pretty funny.

Unknown said...

Maybe the Perotta "flirt fest" isn't as bad as we're setting ourselves up for. I mean, we know the episode ends with Booth and Brennan alone. Looking on the bright side, maybe the point is that we get to see Booth resisting temptation--and choosing Temperance instead. (Had to do that, sorry.)

OR there's the shit way of looking at it where introducing Perotta means starting an arc of Booth/Perotta storylines that they don't want to split up too majorly.

And I think I definitely have my hopes up about the dancing at this point. I just have to believe that no matter what the anvil, it's going to be AMAZING.