Friday, December 5, 2008

30 Rock: Pardon Me While I Diverge Into Feminist Goofiness

I'm a huge fan of Google Reader. I check it every time I check my email. (For those who don't know, Google Reader is a service that allows you to stream all of your RSS blog feeds through one beautiful applet, so you can read all your blogs throughout the day without having to visit, in my case, 53 different Web sites.)

I'm a women's studies major, and a lot of my classmates are obsessed with Jezebel, a blog about "celebrity, sex, and fashion for women." I've resisted subscribing until now, because they post, like, 100 times a day, and that's pushing it, even for my blog-obsessed heart. I work really hard to keep a good balance on my Google Reader, and between Dark's updated Lost set pictures and posts from my favorite ABC News political correspondent, I just don't have time for all that girl crap.

But this week I caved, maybe because I was bored at work or with my other blogs or whatever. Maybe I was just feeling left out.

In any case, they had a post this week about Tina Fey, who's on the cover of Vanity Fair this week, looking super-hot.

In a post titled "Would Tina Fey Be a Star If She Still Looked Like This?", the Jezebel writers talk about the unconquerable relationship between celebrity and hotness.

(What's nice about having a blog like Jezebel that has thousands of readers is you can basically not say much of anything in your posts, and then leave it to the commenters to kill each other.)

And what I was frustrated by was not that they said that, yeah, it would have basically impossible for Tina Fey to become a celebrity without her mid-90's makeover, but that they didn't talk at all about what Liz Lemon looks like.

'Cause she cleans up good (like last night in "Reunion"), but she's usually pretty underdone, casual, and average-looking. Honestly, she looks a lot like I do. And I swear I've had my glasses since before 30 Rock came on the air.

Yeah, Tina Fey is hot--in both the sexy definition and the "currently very famous" definition--but she's not using it to say that girls should get liposuction and breast implants--or even that women and girls should look the way she does with no effort. Last night, Jack told Liz, "You found a hairstyle that works for you so long as it’s not too humid." That's what normal girls do when they grow up. This semester, I discovered hair product and eyeliner.

So even if you think Tina Fey sold out, I for one am really glad that she did. Liz Lemon is giving a face and a voice to girls who work their asses off, are no longer ashamed of their nerdiness, and, yeah, sit at home talking television at 10:00 on a Friday night.

Did that sound too much like a personal therapeutic rant? Sorry. Carter out.

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