Monday, November 24, 2008

Lost: Call Sheet Spoilers! (At Least I'm Not the Only One Who's Massively Confused)

My new best friend Jodie got her hands on a Lost call sheet for 5x04, “The Little Prince.” It does look like, as I specced several weeks ago, the title will refer to Aaron. The call sheet is chock-full of tiny tidbits and massive confusion. Let’s go quote-by-quote and talk about this.

“Ben admits he’s the one trying to take Aaron.”

Um, okay. Aaron is special, no? And Ben is really good at kidnapping babies. I would love to see someone verbalize the irony of Kate passing off Aaron as her own, when we’ve been told for so long that Ben taking Alex was super-bad. You know me, the Jater, wants to see Kate and Jack as Protective Mom and Dad here. We do have a note that “Kate is having it out with Ben” in one scene, so obviously Kate’s got a problem with Mr. Linus trying to take her kid. I get that.

Gosh, it’s times like this when you really understand why Scully gave William up for adoption, huh?

“Jack needs to see Kate.”

That’s all we know about this scene, other than that it’s filmed in the parking lot of St. Sebastian’s. By this point, will they be on good enough terms that he can call her up and she’ll meet him at the airport without a big to-do?

“Jack resigns.”

Well, yeah. Going on A-Missions is like a full-time job, Dr. Shephard. Oh! And I also realized that this means that Jack didn’t get fired. Which I think insinuates he’s back on the wagon by this point, because he should have gotten fired for stealing all those meds and being high on the job. Snaps for Jack.

“Sawyer sees Kate helping Claire give birth.”

I don’t pretend to understand what this means. Obviously, ugh, Skate, but I’m really curious about the nature of these flashes. (Definitely odd, considering Sawyer wasn’t present for Aaron’s birth—Charlie and Jin were—so it’s not like this is a typical flashback where we’re supposed to imagine that the character is remembering something.)

And what’s with all the nosebleeds? In this call sheet, we see that both Miles and Juliet get them; the promo shows Charlotte with a bloody nose. We know this started happening to Minkowski when he was time traveling without a constant. So does this insinuate that the left-behinders:

(A) have found a method of time travel and are trying on purpose to use this to save themselves?
(B) have accidentally stumbled across time travel and are effing screwed?
(C) are being terrorized by the Dharma Initiative?
(D) have caught The Sickness?

Obviously, something really wonky is going on here. We’re seeing events that occur post-O6 Rescue, events that occurred in 2004, events all the way back to the Dharma Initiative, and—according to this call sheet—events involving “Young Rousseau” and her team.

Somebody’s traveling through time. Or maybe the whole island is. This is starting to sound like Michael Crichton’s Timeline.

The call sheet stipulates that, while most events take place in 2007—including all of the Oceanic Six scenes—there are happenings in 2001 and 1988.

I’m confused but SO excited.

2 Responses to “Lost: Call Sheet Spoilers! (At Least I'm Not the Only One Who's Massively Confused)”

Me said...

LOL completely made me think of Timeline when I read the spoilers. The call sheet was def V. confusing! But I think the Skate "scene" sounds pretty I'm sure I'm completely jumping to conclusions but I see it as Sawyer being an observer and not interacting with Kate at all. So not really all that Skate-y. On Dark there are many thinking the left-behinders are the whispers. I would LOVE this. Why this idea gets me excited in terms of Jate is that I imagine Sawyer witnessing a few of the meaningful Jate scenes and coming to terms with his place. Wishful thinking probably. Here's hoping he stays off Alcatraz island 'cause REALLY not wanting to rewatch any scenes from there!

What I DON'T like about the Jate info (and I realize we are going off one line descriptors)is that Jack seems very, very passive. Like Ben is talking about taking Aaron, Kate and Sayid are fighting with Ben while Jack is doing what? Not taking up for Aaron? Just there? Hopefully the drug use didn't fry his brain completely and we will have dead-head Jack placidly going along with his new BFF Ben. UGH!

The nosebleeding is kinda weird too since we are supposed to connect it to Des and needing a constant but to have Charlotte AND Miles AND Juliet all sporting nosebleeds. Isn't that a little over-the-top? Do they all need constants? Or is Juliet's brain going to explode soon a la Minkowski? Ask me a year ago if I'd want Juliet's head to explode on the show and I would have answered a resounding YES! Now, I'm about 50/50 on caring.

RE: the promo...I actually found myself a bit excited seeing Juliet and Sawyer running hand-in-hand. I swear it wasn't just the *will nicely get them out of Jate's way* thoughts. They looked really good together and were interesting to me in a way that I have never found them individually before. So maybe I don't want Julz head to explode. Granted they were just on for about 2 seconds in the promo together--but for the first time I wasn't bored by her and disgusted by him. Progress. Nothing to do with Jate, I swear ;)

Unknown said...

Left-behinders as the whispers--LOVE IT! what a good speculation on whoever's part.

I'm so with you on the Suliet. I like the idea of them together, too--it's not *just* because they're the ex-love interests of Jate. But, yeah, I'm not going to lie and say that Suliet isn't mind-numbingly convenient for me as a Jater.