Thursday, November 6, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: Rumor for Tonight's Episode Leaves a Lot to the Imagination

Okay, did y’all see this on Dark yesterday?

I just wanted to prepare you guys for what goes down with Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith). They do not leave it open for her return. They don't outright say that she's dead, but it makes it obvious.

She leaves at the end of the episode because she resigns at Seattle Grace. The reason she resigns is that her patient, the one that Izzie stole the heart from in Season Two, is treated at Seattle Grace. She finds out what Izzie did and gets upset when everyone, even Callie, defends Izzie.

She operates on her patient and tells the family that she hopes the procedure will be enough for him to survive with until a heart becomes available. After that, Callie tells Erica that she can't be with her anymore and Erica leaves. You see her drive away.

The next thing you see is someone calling UNOS to say that they have a heart for the guy at Seattle Grace, the one who has been waiting for two years. They say it's a healthy, 41 year old female.

And then you see Denny's ghost (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) hold out his hand and smile. But you don't see Erica. You just know it's her.

Couple things.

First, do we really think this is going to happen? I have to say, if it’s fake, then somebody is a really freaking good speccer, because this is a quality rumor. It puts all the pieces together—Izzie’s meltdown, Hahn leaving, Denny’s return—in a way that’s not way too obvious. Like, there was a Lost rumor last week about Kate and her parole officer and the whole thing sounded fishy to me, because it ONLY built off the promo and the speculation that the Oceanic Six might be doing some traveling in the near future. (Plus, it would have required the “parole officer,” who in this rumor turns out to be a Widmore lackey, to make it upstairs into Kate’s bedroom, and that seems a little fishy to me.)

Anyway, this is about Grey’s.

If this is indeed happening—and I’m going to go ahead and believe this rumor in the interest of being excited for such high-quality drama—then why?
Lots of people, including GLAAD, are expressing their disappointment that it looks like ABC has a gay problem. I seriously don’t think that’s the case. Because if ABC was uncomfortable with the gay thing, then why is this happening now? Why didn’t they put the kibosh on the whole gay Hahn thing when Shonda sent over the script for, I don’t know, say, “Piece of My Heart”? It’s not like the ABC brass just saw last week’s episode.

For those of us here who watch Grey’s, this development isn’t that heartbreaking. In our Grey’s finale podcast from last season, Leigh cracked Mae and I up when she went off on this diatribe about how much she disliked Hahn. She even sent me an email today saying that Hahn “just really didn't bring any value to the show.” I’m just starting to wonder if cardiothoracic surgeon at Seattle Grace is starting to become akin to the drummer in Spinal Tap.

What I’m really curious about is why this news broke earlier this week. Are Ausiello and Kristin just that good at their jobs? (Short answer: No.)
I don’t think that’s what happened, because then how come Brooke Smith and Shonda Rhimes did interviews with Ausiello? (Although I guess it’s not like Brooke owes Grey’s anything at this point, even discretion.) Obviously, most people who watch Grey’s aren’t like you and me. If they know anything about this, it’s that Hahn is getting written off; a very small percentage of Grey’s watchers have seen the Dark post. Still, though—how did this happen with two days left until the episode airs?
Of course, this could also be a huge hoax. We could get zero information about Hahn’s departure tonight and this whole post could be totally useless.

One thing’s for sure—tonight is Erica Hahn’s last episode. And you know what we say to that?

More time for Derek and Meredith.

One response to “Grey's Anatomy: Rumor for Tonight's Episode Leaves a Lot to the Imagination”

Me said...

I'm pretty "Whatever" about Erica dying/leaving. Is it just completely, pathetically, superficial of me to say that Callie/Erica just weren't cute enough to be an interesting couple? Sorry for the shallowness. I just never liked Erica at all and Callie is more interesting with Sloane. Seeing Denny again for a second would be worth the price of Erica meeting her maker any day so hoping this rumor is true.

I don't have anything agains Lesbian pairings on TV but this one was not well done at all. Callie seemed to be grossed out completely by the whole thing. GLAAD likely has Shonda on speed dial. Angela and Roxie on Bones are much easier to watch than the Grey's duo has been but I like Angela better as a character so that's prolly the reason.

I am hoping that MerDer screentime will exponentially increase now but am not all that hopeful. Who knew that their happily ever after that Shonda promised would be primarily occuring off-screen? I'm almost wishing for Rose or McVet back (yikes can't believe I said that!) just so we will get better, meatier MerDer.