Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: Give Up the Ghost. No Seriously.

When I signed on for season five of Grey’s Anatomy, I did so with the expectation that it would be the season of Derek and Meredith. I was imagining house-building, family planning, a finale engagement or wedding.

I was wrong.

I’m still so frustrated by producers who think that once a couple gets together for good (whatever that means), they’re officially boring. It’s why I’m still so pleased with Jim and Pam’s relationship on The Office. For so long, I kept waiting for them to break up or cheat on each other or lose trust in their relationship. They manage to still have angst and drama, but, as I told a friend the other day, it’s the angst of Jim and Pam against the world, not Jim and Pam against each other.

Anyway, I guess I overestimated Shonda Rhimes and Grey’s Anatomy again, when I thought they would finally show my OTP in a committed but interesting relationship. Epic fail, so far.

I would be more broken up about it if it wasn’t for one thing: Alex and Izzie.

This has by far been the most delightful surprise of the season—watching Alex grow and be open and honest and serious with Izzie. At the beginning of the season, his attitude was almost intolerable, but I’m so loving where his character is going now.

This? It kills me.

So you know what I’m not loving?

Um, Denny.

Seriously, I thought we were over this a long time ago. We’ve been talking about Izzie getting Denny closure since season three, when Izzie built the clinic. Wasn’t that supposed to be closure? Two weeks ago, when Jeffrey Dean Morgan was on for the second time this season, I broke my keyboard in a moment of squee when Alex replaced Denny in the locker room.

I am so over this storyline. I was over it three years ago. Three years! Izzie and Denny were never convincingly in love, it took him forever to die even though we all knew it was freaking inevitable, and he never did anything to begin with. He was boring! And if you can’t get over it for Alex, who despite his obvious flaws is pretty effing great, then maybe you do need to have McDreamy check your brain out. (I’d be interested to hear Mae and other House fans weigh in on this, as it seems like there could be some parallels here between Izzie, Cameron, their dead fiancés, and their future inability to make good choices.)

For the record, Shonda says Izzie doesn’t have a brain tumor, although it sure felt that way when Denny kept going on and on about how “I’m here for you, Izzie Stevens.”

And it also doesn’t look like that Hahn death rumor was true, although I have to give huge kudos to whoever came up with that rumor ‘cause it was brilliant spec and, frankly, would have been a way more awesome end to that episode.

Basically, I think Grey’s is making all the wrong choices lately. Killing Hahn would have been unsavory—but AWESOME. Especially in the ironic “Hahn is finally able to save her heart patient” way described by the brilliant liar who started that rumor.

Giving Izzie a brain tumor may seem predictable at this point, but it sure sounds better than whatever else they’ve got going around in the writer’s room.

Because here’s what I’ve got.

Denny is playing some kind of bizarre grim reaper role for Izzie.

There are some kind of rules as to the interactions possible between the living and the dead. If you’re alive, you can’t touch dead people. This would be evidenced by the brush-pass Izzie and Denny had in “Some Kind of Miracle” two years ago, right? They could occupy the same space and feel each other’s presence, but they couldn’t actually make hand-to-hand contact.

But if you are somewhere between dead and alive, you can touch them, as evidenced by Meredith being about to touch her mom in “Some Kind of Miracle.”

So if Izzie’s having sex with Denny, we should probably assume that she’s somewhere between dead and alive. Right?

Only here’s the thing.

This is Grey’s Anatomy for crying out loud. You’re not Lost or Pushing Daisies. I don’t want you to have rules about who can and cannot touch dead people. I’m so sick of resurrection I could vomit.

(That was clearly the best sentence I’ve ever written in the history of this blog.)

This storyline—when it ends in five episodes or whatever—needs to have a damn good payoff. Either Izzie needs to finally give up the ghost—literally—and move on from Denny, meaning NO MORE JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN ON THIS SHOW EVER AGAIN, or Izzie Stevens needs to die.

I will not accept anything in between.

3 Responses to “Grey's Anatomy: Give Up the Ghost. No Seriously.”

Anonymous said...

Caroline-you are so right about this storyline. It is horrible and yet from what I have read online, Shonda Rimes thinks it is a wonderful storyline. Izzie and Alex have always been a really interesting pairing with each character really bringing out the best in the other. I mean isn't that when you know you have the right person?-what did Denny bring out-oh ya the urge to steal a vital organ! I'm with you that the whole Denny/Izzie great love was overhyped. I really hope that this storyline can be resolved in a logical way because I have to say that right now they better watch out for that shark!

Me said...

100% agree with you both. My favorite part about the Denny/Izzie storyline was his death and her reaction. My ABSOLUTE fave part was when Alex pulled her into his lap and comforted her. Wonderful scene. I also didn't mind the brush pass--it was lovely but WTF with the Denny ghost? Ridiculously stupid. And Mer-Der? I don't even know where to start! (You did a nice job voicing my frustration.) I'm a little edgy that it's me losing interest in a couple simply because the chase is over which, if true, makes me NOT want Booth/Bren together yet nor Jate until like midway through their last season. But, no, you are right that it's completely the writing b/c I am still SO loving Jam. I have had zero interest in MerDer this season and that's just sad because they were my co-pilot OTP to Jate all last year. Now I generally forget about them until Thursday night and then wonder what I ever loved so much about them ON Thursday night. Shonda isn't showing us what happens after happily-ever-after...she's showing us what MerDer looks like as an old boring couple who do stupid, unromantic things together all the time. Or better yet aren't even on screen together much. Seriously, where is Rose when you need her? (yikes, did I say that?)

Unknown said...

Ooh, Kat, bite your tongue! Mer/Der don't need faux angst, they need a story. I liked tonight's "bringing in strays" story--it's just too bad that their romance has been pushed to, like, the C-story of every episode.

Booth and Brennan are a different story. They already spend all of their time together, they're already all up in each other's business--the only thing that would change for them would be that we'd see scenes of them, like, in bed together. I'm not complaining about them not being together...yet.

Now, Jate...ah, Jate...not enough words.

Thanks for the comments, y'all. I was worried about taking a strong anti-Denny stance, but it needed to be said.