Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Office: The Fandom and the Flax

So we've always known that Holly wasn't sticking around. Amy Ryan's contract was limited to a few episodes, and as she's a pretty up-and-coming actress, no one expected her to hang around The Office. (That said, Steve Carell isn't exactly begging for food or attention, so it's not like this show is a bad place to be, even if you are relatively famous and busy.)

Anyway, we knew her time was limited, but I'm not sure any of us expected to fall so insanely in love with Holly P. Flax!

She has added so much to the show and to Michael's character. Yes, he still drives me insane, but when I was getting ridiculously bored of his annoying antics, Holly made him lovable again. I want him to get the girl and live happily ever after. Y'all, Michael/Holly is, like, my new OTP.

But we can't have everything.

"Employee Transfer" is the title of an upcoming episode, and it's not much of a secret who's the transferrer.

Sounds like it's a corporate decision to relocate Ms. Flax, and everyone--or at least me, Michael, and Holly--are feeling kind of sad about it. No word yet on whether Michael and Holly will pursue a long-distance relationship or how this is going to affect Michael's relationship with Jan and the baby.

It's probably going to make Michael insufferable again.

Because even though the prospect of Michael As A Dad is jaw-droppingly delicious in terms of comedy, it's obviously going to be tempered by freaking Jan, who's crazy and mean. And who makes Michael painful to watch. Ugh.

I will say, however, that I feel like Holly will end up with Michael. The writers created her as basically Michael's soul mate, and that doesn't come around very often. Whether she eventually joins the cast (at least on a recurring basis), pulls a Clooney and shows up in the series finale to kiss Michael on a pier, or is merely mentioned in passing at the end, a la Robert Downey, Jr. in the last episode of Ally McBeal, I'm confident that this is the girl for Michael. It's kind of no question.


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