Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Office: Didn't You Know--New York City is the City of Brotherly Anxiety

So I think the Jim's brothers episodes is tonight.

When I first reported on this news, I was really jazzed. At the time, I was thinking about how much I love when siblings come on and shake things up or give people a little perspective on what their future is going to be like as a member of this family.

But lately, I'm thinking that's not really what I think.

Because, um, I'm kind of dreading this Jared Booth business.

And I remember what happened when Eric Wyczenski showed up on ER. (P.S. I spelled that right on the first shot--snaps for Caroline.)

So what kind of trouble are the Halpert boys going to cause on tonight's Office? I doubt they're going to cast doubt on Pam, because, well, they're Jim's brothers. They've been hearing about Pam for years at this point, and, duh, they're going to think she's awesome. What I bet happens is we (and the Halperts) realize that Pam's kind of changed in New York. She's Fancy New Fancy New Beesly.

And while that's kind of good, she's got to have a reason to come back to Scranton, which I'm sure is happening during sweeps. Right? RIGHT?!!? And her reason has to be that she loves her art, but she's not a New Yorker. Her dream is to have her cozy life with Jim and also have her art on the side. She wants to have a family with Jim, and I think Pam sees that happening in Scranton--or, where many of us think they'll end up, in Philly.

So we'll see a little disconnect between FNB and FNFNB. And maybe she comes off as a little pretentious. But we all love Pam and Jim loves Pam, so it'll all be fine in the end.

And seriously? I'm hoping they mention who the Larissa Halpert of Emergency Contact fame is. Sister? Mother? Secret wife?

And what are the brothers' names going to be? 'Cause if one of them is Jon, there are going to be some happy fangirls for serious.

ETA: According to this article, Jim's older brother's name is Tom Halpert. Our chances of getting a Jon have just decreased by 50%.

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