Friday, October 24, 2008

Lost: New Tidbits About Season Five

So much to talk about! How did things suddenly get so busy—and why did it have to happen during midterms? Seriously, there was so much commotion about those Bones sides that we failed to even mention the first footage of Lost’s new season, which aired in a terrifying and awesome 1:15 second promo this week.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

Click here.

Mostly, I’m just so excited to see them all again. There’s Beardy!Jack and Clean!Jack in this promo, which is always appreciated. I really wonder if that means we’re going to be in beard territory for a while with Clean!Jack flashbacks, or if there’s perhaps a scene in the premiere in which Jack gets it together and shaves. (Oh, and my mind’s going to the scene in I Want to Believe in which the exact same thing happens.)

I also can’t wait to find out what changes Kate’s mind—so much that she’s packing her gun hurriedly and telling Aaron, “We’re going on vacation, baby.”

And then there’s all this island insanity. I can’t make out what’s going on to save my life. There’s a dude in one of those Kelvin Inman quarantine suits coming out of a hatch and pointing a gun, there’s left-behinders trekking through the jungle, there’s Sawyer and his island wife Juliet up to some serious business.

I mean, it also looks like there's a scene in which Dan and Juliet "discover" the hatch. When I said "a hatch" earlier--it sure looks like the door to the hatch. And where it looks like Juliet wiping dirt off a window--it sure looks like the hatch of the hatch.

You know, when all that speculation was going on about moving the island through time, back to the era of DHARMA and stuff, I kind of rolled my eyes. Because, seriously, how would that even work? But I don’t know anymore, y’all. Maybe that is what happened. Or maybe the Dharma Initiative finds the island in real-life present-time.

Also, today Dark spoiled the titles of the first six episodes:

Episode 5.01 - Because You Left
Episode 5.02 - The Lie
Episode 5.03 - Jughead
Episode 5.04 - The Little Prince
Episode 5.05 - This Place is Death
Episode 5.06 - The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

So 5x06 would look to be Locke-centric—if there is such a thing as –centric anymore, I suppose. I’d also be willing to bet that 5x04 is Kate and Aaron-centric. (Or Jack, Kate, and Jaby-centric, although that seems highly unlikely.)

I wonder what lie is bad enough to be known as the lie. This could be in reference to the Oceanic Six’s lie, I suppose, as they try to figure out how to go about their missions without rousing too much suspicion. “Jughead” would seem to be a reference to the Archie Comics character—a Hurley-centric hour, perhaps?

I love speculation!

Anyway, there’s much more fun to be had in the TV world this week. On my to-do list are posts on The Office, Law and Order: SVU, How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, and, as always, more Bones. Check back often as I try to crank some of these out this weekend.

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