Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lost: DHARMA Goes Global

Lost spoilers.

Okay, so now it's official. There are several DHARMA stations worldwide, with at least one located in Australia and one in Portland, Oregon.

Makes sense, no?

I was thinking about this today, and I bet there are eight of these stations. I mean, it's not outlandish to think it'll be one of the numbers, and if there are only four, then why would we be seeing all this filming of an Oceanic Six round-up?

So then you could have as station-goers (wheel turners?)...Jack, Kate/Aaron, Sun, Hurley, Sayid, Desmond, Frank, and Walt. Am I forgetting anyone? And then you have Ben left to kind of orchestrate the whole thing. Are we thinking he'll be able to hoodwink the California Justice Department long enough for Kate and Aaron to jaunt off to Oregon for a quick little minute to flip a switch or whatever?

Or is it going to be like the frozen donkey wheel--the effect of getting back to the island will be instantaneous? 'Cause either the stations will transport those guys back to the island immediately, or it just "opens the portal" to return, so to speak. That way would be more convenient, since then Jack and everybody could pack a big ol' boat full of supplies to take back with them.

'Cause, seriously, it'd be hard to make the choice to go back to sleeping in a tent for the rest of your life. I'd be making sure I could bring my own pillow, man.

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