Thursday, October 16, 2008

Little Moments: The Top 5 Tiny Wishes for Our Top 5 OTPs

Lately, I've been thinking about how most 'shipper desires for any respective OTP are pretty broad-spectrum, cliché, and blatantly obvious to be wished: epic first kisses, hot sex, confessions of "I love you," gorgeous diamond rings, marriage and babies. I wanted to focus on those smaller details that may seem entirely insignificant to a non-shipper but would swell the hearts of those of us who love them.

Caroline, Leigh and I joined forces to put together lists of five tiny wishes, in no real order of importance, for the 'ships that make up our collective Fave Five.

Jack & Kate - Lost

(5) Dancing. You just know Jack can properly ballroom. He can teach Kate how to waltz.
(4) More Parenting. To witness them feeding the baby or other such Aaron-centric moments.
(3) Daddy!Jack. We still need to see him actually holding the/a baby for once.
(2) Quiet moments of normalcy. Can they just happily brush teeth side by side?
(1) "Out at the airport. You know where." Why? What happened there before? Significance?

Jim & Pam - The Office

(5) A real, honest relationship fight.
(4) Pam meeting Jim's new baby nephew & the cute one that plays tee-ball.
(3) Finally getting themselves the puppy they've been alluding to lately.
(2) The answer to what was in Jim's letter at Season Two Christmas.
(1) The "Shortest Engagement" Dundie.

Booth & Brennan - Bones

(5) Booth in life-threatening danger. Brennan in absolute panic. You gypped us once, Hart. Time to follow through. ("The Hero in the Hold" & "The Critic in the Cabernet")
(4) Awkward yet perfectly comfortable slow dancing filled with all that UST.
(3) Forehead-touching eye sex. Preferably after something precious is said.
(2) Brennan losing herself in a moment of child-like joy. Booth looking on with total adoration. ("The Beaver in the Otter")
(1) Calling her "Bones" is great, but let him call her "Bren" once they're together. ("The End in the Beginning")

Chase & Cameron - House

(5) A glimpse of home life. Show us domesticity, please. Or even just a hug! ("Under My Skin" [home life] "Saviors," "Both Sides Now" [hugging])
(4) Playing Doctor/Patient. No, not the sexy way. One is sick/injured while the other one is the caretaker. Although, the sexy way is acceptable, too.
(3) Cameron taking relationship initiative. A random, unplanned marriage proposal from her would be the epitome, but any step forward on her part is joy. ("Saviors," "Both Sides Now")
(2) Spill your guts. Telling one another all about their damaged pasts. [I am *so* close to striking this one out! You can tell they've done it, we just didn't *see* it happen!]
(1) Nick-names and terms of endearment: They can call each other "babe" ("Saviors"); he can call her "love" or "beautiful" or "gorgeous." Most importantly, though: Chase calling her "Ally."

Derek & Meredith - Grey's Anatomy

(5) Meeting more of Derek's family, perhaps at Shepherd Family Thanksgiving? ("Sympathy For The Devil")
(4) It's Meredith's turn to support him, now. Be it emotional or physical injury, she needs to step up with worry and take care of him for once. ("Stand By Me," "Elevator Love Letter")
(3) Fighting and bantering over dream house blueprints.
(2) Derek teaches Meredith how to fish. And she probably hates it. And he knows.
(1) Mer walks in to find Derek asleep. Quietly musses his hair and gently kisses his forehead before curling up beside him.

So there you have it. With any luck, we will be able to start crossing things off the list as time goes by. But then, of course, we'll just come up with even more!

In the perfect words of the adorable Brad Paisley: I live for little moments like that. And so do we. The big occasions are incredible, but week after week it's those little details that keep our 'shipper hearts believing that the best is within reach.

6 Responses to “Little Moments: The Top 5 Tiny Wishes for Our Top 5 OTPs”

Me said...

Love the list. Wow, how much would I adore seeing Jate dance! Jam actually fight...and then make-up. Mer supporting Der would be fabulous. Only complaint is you are TOTALLY making me consider putting Bones in my Netflix queue since I've never watched it. Ahh, I can't start another show but I DO LOVE angst.

Breda said...

Jack & Kate: YES DANCING.

Booth & Brennan: What about The Killer in the Concrete? Does that count? Because it WAS pretty awesome.

Also, though, I love that he calls her "Bones" and don't want it to ever stop. I think it shows the evolution of their relationship excellently: she hated it at first, but now it's his special pet name for her, and I love it.

Unknown said...

"Killer in the Concrete"--I completely forgot that existed. Wow. I guess that's what happens when you watch all seventy-something episodes in three weeks. I guess I know what I'm doing tonight. :)

And, Kat, Booth/Brennan is our newest OTP. It sucks you in. They're ridiculously adorable and are written with such an obvious nod to their OTP-osity...sometimes it's nice to be hit over the head.

Unknown said...

Oh, you know what else for any of these folks--spoony hands. Derek and Meredith have already displayed their proficiency at spoony hands, but seriously--Booth is probably the best nap partner in the history of the world. Demonstrate, please.

Anonymous said...

Ok I have the perfect season ending for Bones.

The gravedigger comes back and takes Sweets and Booth (comedy ensues).
And during this time when they are fearing for their lives Sweets is able to talk Booth into realizing his feelings for Bones is rather greater than being a partner/friend and its something he needs to act on rather than regretting it later.

Onto the non-captive world, the whole squint team is freaking out and it reminds Hodgins and Angela how much they should be together again... blah blah blah..

Bones is very also very upset and distraught she ends up looking back at --THAT LETTER-- she wrote in 2x09 when the gravedigger buried her with Hodgins. (I have no idea what the letter would say/ BUT hopefully it WASNT written to Booth as it was only 1.5yrs into the partnership and Angela had been her BBF longer) But reflecting back on the letter, and through a D&M with Angela, Bones can see she's no longer the same person- she has grown and her father and brother in her life etc etc ===> all these great things because Booth is in her life!!!

So the squints figure out where Sweets and Booth are buried, and for some reason Bones gets there first and rescues them. Sweets has passed out so B&B are basically alone.......Having realized how much they cannot live without one another (and after brief eye sex) they launch into their first REAL B&B pash!!!!!!!!!

---Fade to black----

Question for the next season:
- Are B&B dating? or have they gone back to being 'just partners'?? (nooooooooooooooooo)
- Are B&B keeping their new relationship on the DL??
- Is it 5yrs in the future and there is a baby B&B??

Anonymous said...

OMG, how much I love for those Jate and Mer/Der moments to happen.

You have the best taste in ships.