Friday, October 10, 2008

House: Anxious-Scared? Or Anxious-Excited?

I was planning to post about this before I even got home today and found out that even more things have taken place. For those of you who don't give three shits about my House obsession and are tired of hearing me talk about it -- I'd leave now. Just sayin', fair warning.

As everyone knows, Chase & Cameron finally got promo-love again on Tuesday night. That was relatively jarring to see, honestly, because every week for the past year and 3 episodes I've been hoping to spot them in a promo again. And it never happens. Ever. I got a thrill, because I personally think receiving promo-love again actually means they'll be in the episode for more than just 45.7 seconds this time. And it was kind of adorable because they both looked so ratty and busted and in serious need of a hair salon.

I get home about 30 minutes ago and check what Dark has to say, because I've grown to always depend on him the most for any info on any show at all. And there's a new promo for next week. And they're both in it again. And it's not the same shots from the first promo. This excites me. Except that I am slightly worried by the look on her face, especially seeing as it is obviously aimed at her adorably sleepy boyfriend. But then the mild feeling of worry dissipates and is replaced by excited squee because I think it's pretty cute that he's laid himself out for a rest on one of the empty beds in a wide-open curtain area in his beloved's noisy ER pit. Hee. And, aw.

They could be bickering, sure. I fully expect some warning signs of "trouble ahead" to start reeling their ugly little heads in this episode and the next, seeing as I'm betting good money that Episode 6 (their [finally!] centric hour) is going to be chock-full of the angst. So, her mopey little frown in his direction could easily be over something personal and problematic between them; I think it's more likely not, though. At least not in that particular moment. If you ask me, the girl just looks downright busted with exhaustion - and, clearly, Chase is worn out, too. We know House is going to be away from the hospital, and thus away from the patient and his team, so I'm willing to bet (again) that Chase and Cameron get sucked into helping the newbies & Foreman diagnose/save that PoTW. They've probably both already been working/on-call for way too long, and now they can't go home and get any peace because they're being held hostage by guilt-trips and pathetic pleas from the newbies.

Not to mention, I'm sure Cameron is overly-worried about not only the PoTW but, more importantly, House and what he's up to on this road trip/the emotions behind it all. If there is any kind of TV god at all, she's even concerned about Chase - as I would think he'd be trying to spout off total bullshit about how House is fine and it's a personal decision whether or not people want to attend a funeral; he skipped his father's, too, and it didn't affect him any, he'd say. She'd know better and get a face full of concern just like that one in the promo screencap. But, ya know, I highly doubt that's the case because I really highly doubt the writers will bother to bring up Chase's dad and maintain a sense of continuity. That would be the right thing to do, and clearly that doesn't actually matter much to them these days.

Whatever the case with the sad and busted looks of disarray, I don't actually expect any real drama out of Chase and Cameron next week - underlying tension and tiny red flags of rough waters ahead, though, for sure. I still think I'm going to completely love it. It's Episode 6 that I'm twisted up in a ball of confused emotion about; you know how sometimes you get a spoiler about an upcoming episode/story arc for your 'ship and all you can think is, this is either going to win at life, or it's going to absolutely destroy my couple - you know that feeling? Yeah. That's where I am with Episode 6 (and the subsequent arc that shall follow) at this point.

I wish we had a title for it already. I wish the blasted official episode description would get released already. I wish we knew absolutely anything about it other than just, "It's Cameron/Chase-centric with a window into where their relationship is right now, and House/Cuddy are going to kiss." Oh, and if Jesse Spencer is to be believed (which is always debatable), Cameron will be forced to examine her relationship with Chase and finally decide what it is that she actually wants in life and love.

Angst. Yes - good. Unless, of course, it's all just going to end in tears.

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