Monday, October 13, 2008

Hey, Remember When Grey's Was Awesome?

My roommate and I are watching some old-school Grey's Anatomy right now--"It's the End of the World" and "(As We Know It)"--and remembering how great it used to be. I mean, this is pretty much the height of drama--bomb in a body cavity, Bailey refusing to push, the chief having an anxiety attack, Alex and Izzie having sex in the linen closet--and yet it still manages to be freaking hilarious. Alex screaming back at Screaming Wife?


Meredith's one demand when she thinks she's going to die: that George and Izzie get to stay in the house. I really hope that by the time Derek tries to bring up kicking the roommates out, Izzie and Alex are on better terms and the Derek McDreamhouse is practically completed.

Also, it cracks me up that when the shit comes down (you know this happens when Anna Nalick's "Breathe" starts playing) and Kyle Chandler wants Meredith to pull the bomb out of the body cavity, he wants her to imagine someone she likes more than him.

Now, sure, she's not in love with Coach Taylor, she's in love with Derek, but how could you possibly like anyone more than Kyle Chandler?

That's all.

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