Monday, October 6, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: Big Catastrophes, Minor Inconveniences, Promo Monkery, and Basic Shark-Jumping

Is anybody else concerned about the potential shark-jumpage of this episode?

I was disappointed by the premiere, but I’m letting it go. I’m blaming it on the fact that it was two hours. My attention span just isn’t that long. (But Caroline, you watched all three hours of “There’s No Place Like Home” and didn’t complain once!)

I’m ready to get back into Grey’s, but this episode has me on edge. A big flood at the hospital? Seriously?

It’s not that Grey’s hasn’t pulled off BIG CATASTROPHE episodes before. The problem is that they have. The commercial made this flood seem like a big catastrophe—Water on the patient! Wading through the hallways!—when it actually seems like a pretty boring day when compared to Bomb in a Body Cavity ca. season two or Ferry Boat Disaster ca. season three. That promo has BIG CATASTROPHE while the plot pretty much insinuates MINOR INCONVENIENCE.

And seriously—it’s episode two. God, I hope we don’t need to be getting into big catastrophes yet. It’s not even sweeps.

Although I’m going to give Grey’s the benefit of the doubt, it’s sort of seeming like Ms. Rhimes is off her game a little. She’s certainly not making any fandom friends lately, what with her comments in USA Today: “‘For good’ doesn't necessarily go past this season, Rhimes says. ‘But they're definitely together for good for now. I'm with them. They believe they are together for good. I believe they are together for good.’”

What the hell does “for good for now” mean? That’s a blatant oxymoron, and while I’m writing it off as Shonda playing little mind games, if Derek and Meredith break up again between now and the series finale, I’m out.


4 Responses to “Grey's Anatomy: Big Catastrophes, Minor Inconveniences, Promo Monkery, and Basic Shark-Jumping”

Anonymous said...

Don't say done. The show loves you. Why can't you love the show? Catastrophe's happen all the time. Didn't we live through two hurricanes and a huge financial crisis in the last two months? Come on. Don't be mad at the show. The flood is a time honored metaphor. A leak. Here's a sneak peek. For you.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I saw the clips. And shows never love us back. I *do* love Grey's right now, but if it descends into week-to-week silliness and/or Derek and Meredith break up again, I will stop watching. If Shonda Rhimes can't stay true to her word, then I won't stay true to her show.

Look. In the series finale of Grey's Anatomy, Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd will be together. They will. I know that. Any possible break-ups between now and then will be simply more easy-way-out roadblocks to inevitability.

But this is all conjecture, of course, because Derek and Meredith are together for serious right now and I have no canonical reason to believe that it's not going to work out at this point.

Thanks for posting--come back soon!

mysticxf said...

Maybe she's trying to play the "Lindelof/Cuse" game of satisfying shippers of the couple and shippers of another couple, or non shippers... either way, it's a pretty pussy move. Stick to your guns Shonda!

Unknown said...

Wait--there are noromos in the Grey's fandom? Damn, they picked the wrong show. ;)