Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friday Night Lights and Lost: Reason No. 4856 Why I Love Matt Saracen

I just...yes. I was actually talking with a friend last night about how most people have a TV "type." She was a Pacey person, now a Sawyer person. I was a Dawson person, now a Jack person.

Now I need to GChat her and ask if she's a Riggins or a Matt person...

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Me said...

OMG! This scares me a bit because I'm a Dawson/Jack girl. I actually really, really HATED the ending of DC b/c they totally had Pacey begin the episode having an affair with a married woman and getting beat up for it and then HE gets Joey in the end. UGH! So what worries me: does that mean we will be wrong about the ending of Lost too? Does the snarky womanizer ALWAYS win the triangle? Will have to ponder this one.

BTW I am now in LOVE with Bones. I am up to S3 so I can't read all your Bones stuff just yet until I'm caught up but thanks for getting me hooked! I do feel I'm cheating on Jack a bit ;) cause Booth is, just... YUM!

Unknown said...

OMG hilarious. When we fell in love with Bones over the summer, Mae and I talked a lot about how we felt like we were cheating on Jate by abandoning them for Booth/Brennan.

And Leigh and I were talking the other night about fandoms and picking the wrong side of the triangle, and how, yeah, in our recent memory, the jerkface ends up getting the girl. It does make me nervous. In addition to the Creek, we also use ER as evidence (Carter/Abby/Luka). BUT there's also Felicity/Ben/Noel (which we think turned out right) and Lorelai/Luke/Christopher (which turned out right).

If you eliminate talk of the triangle, then almost every show ends with the romantic pairing it started with in the pilot--Friends, Alias, arguably The X-Files, etc.

I'm not worried about Jack and Kate. They'll figure it out. Jate is fate and all that jazz.

Enjoy getting caught up on Bones and come over here as soon as you're done! We loooove talking about our Booth/Brennan lol.


Anonymous said...

I am such a Dawson/Jack girl too. I HATED The DC Finale, I hope it's the exact opposite for LOST.

mysticxf said...

LOL, so I'll be the weirdo who was totally for Pacey/Joey and currently loves Jack/Kate. I always thought Dawson would be better suited for the Jack from Dawson's Creek... ;)

Me said...

Yay Mystic! I was getting a little afraid that maybe we were all wrong in our tastes but you have a shipping win!! so maybe there is hope for Jate.

LOL re:Jerkfaces winning triangles! I actually liked Felicity/Ben too but it would fall into the "met in the pilot" OTP rule more than the "Jerkface gets the girl" rule so I'll chalk that one up to a mark for Jate being endgame.

BTW I really don't like Riggins from FNL and had never really considered it before but he is such a Sawyer. That's hilarious that Zach recognizes that too.

All caught up on Bones now and all the Bones spoilers/sides. Am dying for Weds night with Bones/Booth-lite date night...should make for some excellent Booth coming to terms with his feelings angst.