Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chaos in Stereo: Now We Want a Pony

Last night, we heard a big Bones spoiler. Seven pages of sides came out for an upcoming episode, and if you don't want to be spoiled, I won't even tell you the name of the episode, because it might just give too much away. I told Mae; Mae told Leigh. one told Jen. So the three of us conspired to use our podcast skills and record her immediate reactions--which were pretty much what our immediate reactions were, too.

Here's the thing. We knew it would happen, I guess. Between when we recorded the podcast and when I was done editing the podcast, more sides came out. And I was working really fast to get the podcast done.

So while this podcast contains exciting predictions, there's so much stuff that the new sides ALREADY proved that Mae, Leigh, and Jen were predicting and I thought weren't necessarily germane to the conversation at large. (Such as, which recurring cast members also appear in this episode and, well, who the bad guy is.) But, it's midterms. It would take two hours or more to reedit the podcast, and, well, I have physics lab in 65 minutes. Just take my word for it.

And that's not to say that this podcast is totally unusable anymore. There's still tons of excitement to be had here, including the biggest, most hard-hitting, sweetest, most touching moments of what is sure to be a classic Bones episode.

Also, you'll get to hear us talk about how this episode looks like it will fulfill one of the things we asked for in our "little things" challenge last week. Should we start asking for more little things?

And if that's not enough, you can listen to me giggle for thirty-five minutes straight.

3 Responses to “Chaos in Stereo: Now We Want a Pony”

Anonymous said...

Did we call the helicopter or what? ;)

Mae Vaughan said...

This is why we are the shit! And also the entire reason we started the blog in the first place - to be able to look back and say, "See, we totally called that!" :)

Brilliance. And also? I'm still calling the kiss for the end of this episode. Because the helicopter is not the end, and that hug is still going to be pretty epic. So one can only imagine how beyond epic the last scene of the entire episode has to be.

Anonymous said...

Just pitching in on the Brennan/Hodgins argument (which sounds great and I am sure Emily and TJ will really deliver on it). I think that it's possible that Brennan is not so much angry at Hodgins for failing to solve the case by now but rather that he has butted into the investigation by the FBI (because he believes them to be incompetent) and whatever he has uncovered has brought the gravedigger back into play. Brennan therefore blames him for Booth being taken. Now, this is irrational on her part because Hodgins as a victim of the gravedigger is entitled to investigate particularly if he feels the official investigation is going nowhere (would be really good to see some PTSD from Hodgins) and Brennan from a logical POV would get this but logic and rational goes out the window when Booth is in trouble-see Killer in the Concrete. Basically a long winded message to say this episode should be great and MUST move the relationship along. Ideally should also lead to discussion between Brennan and Bones regarding his fake death (even if not in this episode).