Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bones: Shot -- SCORE!

"The Fire In The Ice"

OMG. Hockey. Episode.

CAPS LOCK CANNOT EXPRESS MY FANGIRLY JOY!!! Seriously. I love hockey. You combine that with my favorite show and, more importantly, it's sexy male lead who knows how to play and you've got me as your bitch. There isn't much in this world that is sexier to me than a handsomly hot man who knows how to work it on the ice. Yes, Vartan. I'm talking about you too. I can't count how many beats my heart would skip each time we saw Vaughn on the ice.

Before I started watching this Bones, I began asking Mae the battery of questions I always ask before getting into a show including, "Have they introduced a sport yet?" Weird, I know. They hadn't at that point but I was told Booth's office had random hockey paraphernalia and a framed Mario Lemieux jersey over his bed. I told her and anyone else who would listen that I was going to lose my mind if/when I ever found out that skating or hockey was going to surface on Bones -- and then it happened. And, as I predicted, I lost it. Props to me though for being able to partially control myself since I was coming out of a concert with my family when I received the message.

Over the past few days it seems like I've gotten an answer to almost every question that has popped into my head about what we may or may not see. Once I learned that we would, in fact, see Booth playing hockey and checking guys into the boards (!!!) and that Brennan just so happens to be there (!!!), I was content to not learn annnnnnything else. Unfortunately, I went snooping around trying to find a clip of David announcing the Phillies lineup during game 5 of the NLCS on Wednesday (genius, Fox, genius) and happened to find some sides which I thought were ones that Caroline had already told me about. Nope. They were new. Blast! Okay -- so I'm not allowed to click on anything having to do with this episode. I've got hockey. That's all I need to know. WOOT! I'm really hoping that any hockey details that are given are actually -- accurate. God knows I ruthlessly picked apart Booth's speech about his bowling accolades and the entire House/Chase bowling scene. Not one bowler on either staff?!!? Come on!

Anyway, I envision the shooting of this episode to be similar to that of Alias when hockey was involved; David f-ing around on the ice all day while Emily sits there freezing her ass off thinking, "Why must I sit in the cold all day?" David? David. DAVID!!! We have to shoot now. DAVID!!!You have to believe that Vartan probably didn't give a flying hoot about shooting his scenes on those days either.

For now, and for the next few weeks, I must sit and wait.

Before I do, I make one request to Hart Hanson...

...please don't disappoint me.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - Vartan on the ice. Happy, happy, happy memories. Sigh.