Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bones: Don't Come A-Knockin'?

Spoilers for Bones.

Several new sides (about 33 pages worth) for Bones are out, and they have Mae and I all confused. They came in two batches--and I wouldn't be surprised to see more in the next couple days. When the second batch came out, there had been rewrites, so it's kind of hard to tell what follows what, but I think I did an okay job sorting through and putting them in a fairly decent chronological order. Click here for the amalgamated sides for "Double Trouble in the Panhandle."

In this episode, Booth and Brennan are undercover as carnies to solve the murder of conjoined twins.


In some ways, this episode looks unfathomably ridiculous. Booth and Bones are, respectively, a knife-thrower and his assistant. And they have to perform their little "act" to maintain their cover. And they're married--Buck and Wanda Moosejaw.

Also, they seem to want to delve into the ethics of separating conjoined twins, while also creating this really odd and politically incorrect scenario in which these girls were part of a circus act.

While I'm thinking about it, how come Brennan is an expert on everything? Yeah, I know, she's really smart, but why does the show perceive her intelligence as encompassing everything from forensic anthropology to whether or not conjoined twins can medically be separated? How is that something she would know and be able to make an actual argument for or against?

There are other ways in which this episode looks kind of freaking awesome. Uh, did you catch that part about Booth and Brennan undercover as marrieds? And he literally at one point throws knives at her. Of course, it makes Booth really freaking nervous and Brennan, you know, just thinks it's great. She actually encourages it.

There's mutual admiration of each other when they first see each other in costume. There's actually a stage direction that says "Booth keeps stealing glances to Brennan amazed." There's cute dialogue like, "Where is the Buck Moosejaw I married?" And he calls her beautiful.

And then...


The mobile home is rocking back and forth on its springs, SQUEAKING. Henry and Dorrie stand back, arms crossed, watching--

Whaddaya think?

Let's hope they're as good outside the trailer as they are in.

I give 'em good marks for staying power.

Henry Simon and Dorrie Lavalle walk away. The trailer keeps rocking.



When I first talked to Mae about this earlier, I said, "Probably just some knife-throwing practice."

And then we kind of analyzed it some more, and it seemed...I don't know. Yes, it's probably knife-throwing practice, but...

(1) How do you practice knife-throwing inside?

(2) Sweets, via phone, right before we cut to this trailer rocking scene tells Booth and Brennan to "act like you're more interested in each other than any of them." And then the stage direction is "They hang up. They look at each other and shrug." And then we CUT RIGHT TO THE TRAILER ROCKING.

(3) Normally, if they were going to do one of these cutesy things, you'd slam right from Booth and Brennan's trailer rocking to a hilarious reveal that they're actually inside practicing their knife-wielding skills. But the act just ends. After we see the trailer rocking, we cut to commercial. (And we have the page that starts the next act, and it doesn't reveal knife practice or any other non-sexual excuse for trailer rocking.)

If it's just knife practice, they're giving us an awfully long time to think it's something else.

Mae was concerned, of course, that this would be Booth and Brennan's first time having sex, and it would all happen offscreen, only hinted at--"very Mulder/Scully," she says.

But what if, I said, they've already crossed the line by this point? It's entirely possible that Booth and Brennan hook up in a previous episode and these are just the first pages we've seen that give that away.

What if they are actually having sex in that trailer?

Eh, I'm sticking with knife practice.

4 Responses to “Bones: Don't Come A-Knockin'?”

mysticxf said...

I think I would be really disappointed if that were their first time and we weren't being told. Them having sex would be an insanely huge moment that would impact them for several episodes.

About the knife wielding possibility -- you can make a trailer, MAYBE, shake a bit when you throw as the body rocks back and the knife strikes a target, but for it to be constantly in motion, it's just not an option.

Also, Brennan has medical knowledge and she's kind of a genius. I would assume that part of separating conjoined twins is about the muscles and organs, but there's also bone structure involved. But yeah, sometimes her knowledge base gets a little out of hand, LOL.

Anonymous said...

They're most likely, *actually* rockin' the trailer back and forth to make the carnies think they can't keep their hands off each other. You know, all part of the hot marrieds gig.

And to string the audience along even longer before actually having to get back to the business of having real progress happen with this onscreen pairing.

Fun blog, BTW.

Unknown said...

Yeah, that sounds way more plausible than my knife practice theory. It's still weird that they don't *immediately* show them in there standing against opposite walls, moving as much as they can, right?

Thanks for visiting!


Anonymous said...

My personal opinion? They are obviously just doing something harmless either intentional or on accident make the trailer rock. Because much to my dismay, the writers are really really scared it seems to do anything too much too fast with these two, and everyone involved keeps saying that they're gonna keep on teasing the audience still, so I can't see acutal real sex this season. (and for sure it won't be mulder/scully style when it happens, because we see everything, every little step b/w these two, b/c there relationship has always been on the forefront) Heck, I'm still waiting for the real kiss we're supposed to get this season. And as far as anything happening b/w them before this ep? I'm doubtful cuz while I hope and hope for the real kiss, sadly I've seen no real indication that anything had happened b/w them in the last few sides we've gotten but it is tricky to figure out b/c first they like to air episodes out of order so much so you can never know the timeline and also sides are sides and only give us little glimpses and usually leave out the major stuff so there's really no way to know but I still think they any kissage might be pushed till the end of the season so they could use that as a way to go into season 5. There's also the naked in bed spoiler to consider which has been hinted to be in some fantasy type setting, so if we're getting any type of 'sex' this season it'd be from that. I get a feeling that is probably HH's way off holding the real thing off till next season or even longer. Either way, I love Booth/Brennan and think that there's so much potential for the rest of this season to progress their relationship. Maybe not quite to the extent we want yet, b/c we know they love to tease us, but progress is progress. :D

And just wanted to say, GREAT blog you got here. It's really very nice to see people so passionate about this show and amazing ship. :)