Saturday, October 11, 2008

Anvils for Skaters--Nope, Not That Kind

We haven't switched to the dark side, we've just discovered a long-established anvil that we'd never before thought to categorize as such.

I'm having YouTube difficulties tonight--why aren't any of these clips online? I'd do it myself if I could, but you start throwing words like "divx" and "codec" and "bitrate" at me, and I'm lost.

Anyway, there are new Bones sides out which show Booth and Brennan solving a case that involves ice and skating and maybe hockey.

And you know what that means...

Skating lessons!

The last scene in the episode is Booth and Brennan on the ice late at night, arms linked. Brennan is not a good skater; Booth, a fan of le hockey, obviously is a good skater.

Same thing that happens to everyone.

Jim and Pam, circa "Michael's Birthday." Everyone heads to the ice rink, Jim helps Pam get her footing on the ice. I squee.

Luke and Lorelai, circa "Women of Questionable Morals." Lorelai's having issues with the snow, so to cheer her up, Luke builds an ice rink in her front yard and brings skates. He stays on solid snowy ground, but he does watch with amusement as she enjoys her gift.

Sydney and Vaughn, circa "A Dark Turn," "Second Double," and "Nocturne." Vaughn's an avid hockey player, and once they get together, he brings her along for practice. Though Syd's a natural on the ice (what is Sydney Bristow *not* good at?), Vaughn teaches her how to play. Very sweet.

And now Booth and Brennan. I guess it was really only a matter of time before these two took to the ice. I think skating has perhaps a very childlike, innocent connotation--wintry magic combined with the need to gather support from your OTPartner. It also gives just-friends/partners the opportunity to touch. In these sides, it says "they intertwine arms."

Also, these are the sides for episode thirteen. When in the world are we going to get the Booth/Brennan relationship development that's been hinted at so hard it hurts? At this point, I go into every episode thinking it's going to be the week where they finally hook up. And then you know what? They never do. So maybe this is the episode that pushes them across the line. Up all night (Mae says Booth must have a concussion), ice rink lit only by a disco ball, music playing--if that's not romantic, I don't know what is.

Tell you what--this is making me yearn for winter. Bring on the holiday season and some skating love for the agents!

3 Responses to “Anvils for Skaters--Nope, Not That Kind”

Anonymous said...

I know I'm one of the few, but I'm REALLY hoping that Booth and Brennan don't hook up this season. This whole skating thing definitely sounds adorable and I'm excited for it, but David and Emily have the best sexual tension/easy affection combination of almost anyone on television, and this season especially, it's become very easy and comfortable and natural. In my opinion, them actually being together would ruin it. I want to see it eventually, of course, and I don't want them to come up with more stalls (Sully was my least favorite character on the history of the show), but I am very pleased with where they are right now. Something will have to change eventually, but I hope it's not that soon.

Anonymous said...

You forgot one of the best OTP skating moments ever--Buffy's "What's My Line, Pt. 1," which includes David Boreanaz as Angel, no less. She knows what she's doing on an ice rink, but we don't get a chance to see whether he does because they have to lose the skates to kill of some form of beastie. But it's terribly romantic until then!

Unknown said...

Bummer! I've actually never seen an episode of Buffy, but I'll look for this scene on YouTube. Thanks for further proving my theory! I also found a clip this morning of Doug and Carol roller blading in an early episode of ER. (Carol's an expert; Doug ends up injuring himself.) Funny how they usually seem to be about one person being a good skater and the other not.

Thanks for posting--see you around!