Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Alias: It Stopped October 1st.


To think that seven years ago today, the world of Alias was introduced to us all for the first time. Wow.

Well, technically it wasn't introduced to me until, let's say, four years ago. Because I have a tendency to catch on to really great shows really, really late in the game.

Sydney and Vaughn were (and probably still are) the epitome of your eternally fluffy and oft-tortured OTP. Whereas Jack and Kate keep us waiting year after year, teasing in tiny bits, Syd and Vaughn were solid only a year and a half into it. And, really, it wasn't like we were all sitting around desperately hoping for them to realize they were in love with one another - the above scene kind of cleared that up for us quite well. It was always so nice to have an OTP that you just knew without a doubt would end up together - even if they did go and fake-kill the boy toy. Angst was never anything other than enjoyable, because it was an inevitability that the angst-initiator (read: Whoren) would disappear and they would reunite to have lots of sex and babies.

Which, ya know, they did. Squee!

I just wanted to take a moment to bask in how awesome these two were and how incredible it was to have a 'ship that went the distance - all the way into an epilogue six years down the line. And, personally, I never questioned their endgame status for a single second.

That kind of blind faith and total certainty in a 'ship is sorely missing from fandom these days.

I miss you, Alias! Thanks for all those years of fluff and squee!

2 Responses to “Alias: It Stopped October 1st.”

mysticxf said...

Hee, I've only ever seen one episode of Alias and I don't think Vaughn was in it... but dude, how awesomely romantic and, OF COURSE, an "Interruptus" moment. What would a Syd/Vaughn Interruptus moment be called, LOL. ;)

Mae Vaughan said...

... a svinterruption? *wooks*

Dude, you MUST watch Alias. Even the fact that it's no longer on the air doesn't mean a damn thing - this is an absolute must for 'shippers. They had loads and loads of the most classic, memorable and ultimately 'shippy moments in all of television.

Watches and beepers and zambonis and dresser drawers... and that's just off the top of my head from the first two seasons alone, LOL. Oh, and (ASDHFGLKAH!) Santa Barbara and La Super Rica and the zoo and the giraffe with the crooked neck. Once you watch this show, you will find it hard to ever go a day without coming across an inadvertent reference to them :)