Friday, October 31, 2008

After Three Years, I'm Breaking My Silence on an Important Topic

So there’s a show I watch every single week and never talk about on this blog.

I’m totally engrossed with the characters, I have an associated OTP, and I clamor for spoilers and news for this show.

So why isn’t it a staple of my television commentary?

Because it’s called The Hills.

Not only does Mae hate The Hills, but we agreed upon first creating this blog that Chaos in General would be for analysis, predictions, and commentary on scripted shows.

Well, one might argue that The Hills is scripted, and anyway, it has everything I need to sustain a delightful following.

And as she just summed up in a response to my permission-asking email, “Those people are more like characters anyway.”

‘Cause seriously, who needs Sawyer when you’ve got Justin-Bobby?

Who needs Jim and Pam when you’ve got Lauren and Brody?

Obviously, there is reality to The Hills, which is why it’s problematic to be as enamored as I am with the idea of Lauren and Brody getting together. Because, where we all knew that Jim and Pam would eventually end up together, there’s a very real possibility that Lauren and Brody will never want that.

With scripted television, we could whine and bitch until the writers stopped making Audrina such a pushover, but on reality TV, we just have to accept that she’s always going to end up going back to Justin-Bobby, no matter how many times she says “I am done.”

And now with Whitney’s spinoff, The City, premiering in December, there’s no way I can keep avoiding talking about this important part of my TV life.

As my first note on The Hills, please enjoy these two YouTube contributions.

Here, Jimmy Kimmel shows LC Heidi’s music video. In case you are unfamiliar with Heidi Montag’s music video for “Higher,” it was filmed on the beach by the show’s ubervillian, Spencer Pratt (also Heidi’s boyfriend). As if the song itself wasn’t horrible...

Right at 4:00, it get hilarious.

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