Thursday, October 30, 2008

30 Rock: Just Watch It. I Wish I Had More to Say.

It won a boatload of Emmys, including for Outstanding Comedy Series.

Tina Fey is practically the most popular woman in America right now, thanks to her SNL moonlighting as Sarah Palin. If you haven't seen this clip of her talking about how much Sarah Palin confuses Tina's daughter, Alice, it's precious and you should watch it:

Anyway, so everyone loves Tina. And everyone's talking about 30 Rock. And, let me tell you, I don't talk about it that often on the blog because it doesn't really have, like, mythology or OTPs, but it's definitely my second-favorite show on television right now. I identify with Liz Lemon in a way that I've never identified with a TV character ever before. Here's a conversation I had with my mom, who just finished watching season one of 30 Rock:

Mom: So I decided that Liz Lemon is you.
Caroline: Gee, thanks!
Mom: Eh.

I really hope that this year is the year that 30 Rock becomes mainstream and popular and No. 1. Because it so deserves to be.

This is why I don't blog about the show. It's too hard for me to make coherent statements about 30 Rock. All I can say is it's amazing and I hope all of you watch it tonight--or have already watched it on OR RIGHT HERE ON THIS BLOG.

Next week they have Oprah.

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