Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Office: ZOMG Halperts

Spoilers for The Office.

Sayeth TVGuide via OfficeTally:

The Office’s Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) is about to meet her likely future brothers-in-law. In a late October episode of the NBC comedy, Pam — still studying art in New York City — arranges a Big Apple reunion with boyfriend Jim (John Krasinski) and his look-alike brothers, played by actors Blake Robbins and Tug Coker. “Pam’s trying to do whatever she can to show Jim that she’s really committed to the relationship,” Jenna says. “She hopes this outreach to the family will integrate her to the Halperts, but it just goes horribly wrong.” The craziest part of shooting the scene? For Jenna, it was seeing “these people who look just like John Krasinski.” Who knew there was that much quirky cuteness to be found.

Um, yay Halperts!

Will the show pay tribute to fanon and name one brother Jon? Will there be discussion of Jim's once-mentioned niece/nephew? Will we finally found out who Larissa is?

I'm a little bothered by the whole Pam's-still-in-art-school thing. Not because I don't want Pam to have goals beyond Dunder-Mifflin, but because that's an awful lot of back and forth. The show functions best when everyone is in the office, dealing with mundane nonsense. I don't generally enjoy out-of-office episodes very much (probably why I wasn't a huge fan of season four), and I'm worried about Jim and Pam's relationship if they're spending four or five episodes long-distance.

Also, what's going on that Pam feels like she has to "[try] to do whatever she can to show Jim that she's really committed to the relationship"?

What the hell is Jim doing showing that he's committed to the relationship? Certainly not proposing.


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