Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Spoilers and speculation for The Office.

This has been a pretty intense week for the Jam fans.

I think most of us went into that premiere pretty pessimistically, but, boy, were we wrong.

Joy of joys, Jim and Pam are engaged, and it's all forward-moving from here, right?

Uhh, maybe?

Spoilers have emerged in the past few days that say Jam's got some

We kind of know this, but...Jim wants Pam to have his babies! That said, the separation is not doing them any good. As Jenna Fischer puts it, "We have to deal with real relationship problems."

Also, there's this whole business about Roy coming back. Says Kristin,

According to my spies, Roy has not returned to court Pam. Still, it's not all roses and sunshine and wedding plans...

Word is, somewhere around the fifth episode of the season, Jim and Darryl will meet up with Roy at a bar (as usual, to avoid some hijinks cooked up by Michael), and the meeting is fairly benign (no punching this time). However, it could still spell trouble for Jim and Pam. I'm told Roy throws out a zinger that makes Jim worry about Pam being away at art school and whether any of her new guy friends could steal her away (just as he did to Roy).


You know what happens when the ex becomes a problem with the new fiance. Everyone ends up feeling kind of like this:

Fear not, Jam fans! The Office crew are much worse at angst than Darlton!

That said, it does look like there's some angst around the corner. That doesn't necessarily spell doom for Jam, just that they'll be force to confront what Jenna calls "real relationship problems." Heretofore, it's been just dandy being a member of Jim and Pam. Have they ever fought? So giving them some serious topics to discuss--his trust in her, her career moving forward while Jim's stagnates at Dunder-Mifflin, and, apparently, having babies--is probably a good move.

God, this season is just chock-full of good storylines, is it not?

Before we go on, let's take a moment to squee over this inevitable Jam baby mention.

Because I imagine this scene being totally adorable. I bet it happens at Jan's baby shower. Jim will make some off-handed comment about "when we have kids" that will totally freak Pam out. As we know from "Take Your Daughter to Work Day," Pam is not a fan of children--or, perhaps more accurately, she doesn't think children are a fan of her. Jim will have to convince her that it'll be different when it's their baby, because he or she (oh, who are we kidding--she) will be their baby. And of course he'll quell her fears and they'll spend precious moments imagining what she's going to look like and be like--a curly-haired troublemaker with big green eyes. And just like that, I will be on the edge of my seat waiting for Jam babies.

'Cause they're so going to happen!

Lastly, it also puts that whole Jim's-brothers storyline into perspective. I wrote this post pre-proposal, when I was still angry with Jim for chickening out. Now, though, Halpert and I are on good terms, unless he seriously doubts Pam's love for and faithfulness to him. Then we'll have words.

Roy obviously plants the seed of doubt, and with all the other things going on in his brain, this is merely an extra layer upon Jim's emotional distress. (Seriously--it's making me nuts--when has this happened before on television? Or in a movie?) I hope, as do many Jam fans, that instead of going all passive-aggressive on his bride, Jim grabs life by the balls and just marries her. I've said it before--nothing would make me happier than a Shortest Engagement Dundie.

And seriously, with Holly on board, how much do we need a Dundies Redux?

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