Friday, September 26, 2008

The Office: "Weight Loss" and "Casino Night"

I just really love how Pam's immediate response to Jim's proposal was "What are you doing?" which was also her response to his "I'm in love with you" in "Casino Night."

Very sweet.

Seriously--I'm holding out for a set of "Absolutely, I do"s on the altar.

2 Responses to “The Office: "Weight Loss" and "Casino Night"”

mysticxf said...

Seriously, if they get married and say "Absolutely, I do," I will lose it in some weird mix of tears and laughter. That would be brilliant.

Unknown said...

Doesn't it addle your brain to think that they're actually going to get married? (*Knocks on wood.*) Personally, I wish they'd just elope. Mostly because I really want them to get the Shortest Engagement Dundie.