Friday, September 26, 2008

The Office: Thanks, Kate!

Spoilers for tonight's Office!

Looks like Evie's advice paid off--Jim used four small words to do what I've been asking him to do for months.

I am shocked.

You know, maybe from now on, I just need to go into The Office like it's opposite day. Because in the finale, I was convinced that they would get engaged by the time the closing credits rolled, and tonight, I was sitting here on my couch with my friend telling him in no uncertain circumstances that Jim and Pam would almost surely break up before getting engaged. I mean, one look at that art school friend and

I admit it. I was disillusioned and pessimistic and wrong.

Thank goodness.

There are still hurdles for Jam. There's major drama in Jim being bored at Dunder-Mifflin while Pam pursues her big city dreams. But at least now I'm (relatively) confident that there won't be a breakup before their wedding.

When I first watched, I was too overcome with It's raining! Evie, it's raining! to really concentrate on much more than Jim-Pam-knee-proposal. But when I just rewatched that scene--thanks, DVR!--I fell in love with Jim Halpert all over again. And I had a post yesterday about how irritated I was with him.

All is forgiven, sir.

"I just--I can't wait," he says.

It's almost like he listened to me. Not literally. I'm not Kristin dos Santos, claiming credit for storylines like she did today--holy mother of pretention, lady. But I said a few months ago that I thought Jim was taking advantage of Pam's love for him, allowing his confidence in her yes to prolong the teasing. And I didn't think that was fair, because the longer Jim postponed proposing, the more he risked seeming like Roy and the more I thought Pam would be justified in saying no.

Now, there's this whole new psychology going on that I am fascinated by.

On the whole, way to go, Officers. I was so surprised--I didn't even think the momentous rain scene would be in this episode--and pleased. The clips from earlier this week were so not indicative of the episode as a whole, which contained hilarious bits (my friend and I both agreed that Angela's "that's how I sleep at night" was one of the best talking heads ever), touching scenes all around, and those delightful throwbacks to previous episodes--Michael's "Beach Games" sumo suit, Andy's "Traveling Salesmen" use of "beer me," and Andy's request for Here Comes Treble to perform at the doomed Andy/Angela nuptials.

Oh my God, y'all. Jim and Pam are engaged!

One response to “The Office: Thanks, Kate!”

mysticxf said...

HAHA! As soon as Jim got out of the car in the rain, I remembered Evi's comment about the rain being romantic for proposals and then he got down on one knee and I wondered if John nearly shat himself on that red carpet. LOL.