Monday, September 15, 2008

Lost: Project Initiated--Hello, Next Four Months!

This year, I've decided to approach the Lost hiatus in a new way. Every day, I'm tackling, scene-by-scene, the events of the corresponding day in Lost time. Lostpedia has an awesomely intricate timeline, right down to which events preceded each other on individual days.

Today was the first day of The Project. (I picked September 15 because it's the first day to which we can actually pinpoint a specific date.) I had a scene from "Two for the Road" and a couple from "Outlaws." On this day four years ago, Christian Shephard and Ana Lucia parted ways in Sydney on less than amicable terms. She left him at a bar, where he met and drank with one James Ford. After some self-pitying drunk male bullshit, Christian unknowingly convinced Sawyer to "end his suffering" and take care of business--namely, murdering Frank Duckett, who Sawyer thinks was the cause for his dad's crazymaking.

It's not until after the brilliant con artist shoots Meredith Grey's dad in the chest that he realizes John Doggett set him up. Oops.

Meanwhile, Christian Shephard may very well have had his last drink ever with my archnemesis, for he finds himself dead by the end of the evening.

So there's something I hadn't quite realized until now--Christian's alcohol-induced death occurred practically in tandem with Sawyer's cold-blooded murder. Coincidence? I think not.

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