Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lost: The Next Generation?

Spoilers and rumors for Lost season five.

We're getting hints from Dark and others that there's going to be a new baby on board when Lost starts back up in February.

Says Dark, referencing Ryan's podcast:

Strong hints of a Desmond/Penny baby. Seemed a guess at Phillipines shoot last week, but other clues now, including casting for very young baby, Caucasian, "dark hair okay, not Aaron."

As someone who loves babies, I'm excited about the possibility of Des/Penny offspring, but as commenters over at Dark's website have said, I'm worried about what that could mean for Penny.

They've (perhaps) gotten a little ahead of themselves and claimed that this means Penny's going to die and Desmond's going to have to raise their baby by himself. They see Desmond as a "tragic character," never to have a traditional happy ending. I wouldn't go that far quite yet, especially because of the crucial role Penny's going to have in the Ben/Widmore showdown.

Also, wouldn't it be cute? Penny was so sweet with Aaron, and I'd love to see Desmond as a dad. (Putting it out there--as an OTP, Desmond and Penny would have a girl.)

Anyway, it could be a totally different baby, but I'm totally open to the possibility of seeing the Humes as a family.

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