Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lost Hiatus '08 Day One: Mederma For Kids

Yesterday was September 22, and on that day four years ago, Oceanic 815 crashed onto an island in the South Pacific.

With the help of Lostpedia's intricate timeline, I'm navigating the series chronologically this hiatus, watching scene-by-scene in keeping with the established timeline.

Today was a big one--eleven episodes contain scenes which detail part of September 22. From Desmond's account of the hatch's system failure to the tailies' perspective of the back-end crash, today's scenes contain a lot of Lost.

Couple things I realized I still don't understand.

Why did the Others attack the Tailies on the first night? All Ben told Goodwin was that he wanted a "list in three days," and yet there's Mr. Eko, covered in the blood of two dead Others. I guess they were trying to kidnap Eko, but with how careful the Others have otherwise been with their kidnappings--and the importance they place on "good" and "bad"--how could they have "known" who to take? And considering what we now know are the Others' priorities--defending the island and solving the pregnancy problem--I have no idea why Eko would have seemed a valuable commodity to them.

It wouldn't be right for me to post this without making a mention of Jate's first meeting. Something kind of poetic actually struck me with this viewing: Jack has two scars on his torso--Kate's and Juliet's. Juliet's is on his right lower front; Kate's is on his left upper back.

You know, during the post-"Something Nice Back Home" insanity, I remember us talking about the fact that you can see Jack's appy scar when he admires the razor in the mirror. And you can. But when Jack's down in their kitchen, you can see the Kate's scar, too. I can't find good screencaps, but I SWEAR to you it is there. Tomorrow if I get a chance, I'll make a cap. Look:

What's the difference between the two scars and how does that correspond to the women themselves and to their relationship with Dr. Shephard? Kate's is probably messier. She's not a professional, and she wasn't using the proper tools. Juliet is a doctor, and she had instruments from the Staff. Y'all, there is so much possibility for creativity here. I mean, these two indelible marks on Jack are from two women who have made a huge impression on his life. The injuries were different, the stitches were different, but most importantly, the moments were different. From counting to five to Susan Lewising that shit, Jate and Jacket have defined a lot of my Lost experience.

I'm so not doing justice to the irony and poetry and symbolism! But it's there, I really think it's there.

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