Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lost: Another Life, Brotha

Oh my goodness. Big Lost spoilers.

The Lost fandom is in utter disarray, and while it’s kind of entertaining during the early September television doldrums, it’s also frustrating.

Remember the other day when Evie said she thought Jaters and Skaters should be in a death battle at this point?

Well, as if we hadn’t already, we took her advice.

Damon and Carlton said some things that Jaters think they shouldn’t have on the season four audio commentary. The only thing I found offensive was when they suggested that Sawyer was the cause for Jate’s future breakup and Jate’s future breakup was the cause of Jack’s future breakdown. Excuse me, Darlton, but I’m pretty sure Jack started seeing Christian Shephard when things were just freaking dandy with Kate.

There’s also been some internal turmoil within the Jate movement this week. (Let’s not turn on each other, everyone, please!) Basically, whenever things like this come up, we start worrying about what Darlton really means when they call Sawyer’s jump “epic,” how this relates to their plans for the series finale, etc. And then we really start talking about it, and at a certain point, you have to look at each other and say, “Dude. This is just television.”

And, yes. It’s just television. But I have devoted hours and days and weeks to reading about and writing about and talking about Jate. I’m really freaking invested. So are the Skaters. As a girl who was a Carter/Abby shipper to the bitter end, I know how it feels to have your ship destroyed, and I absolutely 100% do not want that to happen to Jack and Kate. I’m so serious. It will be problematic to my real life if Jack and Kate don’t end up together. Does that make me sort of pathetic? In some circles, yeah, maybe. But the fact is, I’ve bet big time on these two, and it really needs to pay off.

Speaking of payoff, there are huge new spoilers about a couple of early-season episodes on Dark today.

Basically, Desmond and Penny are on the run from Ben, who at one point tortures a guy for info about their whereabouts. But when Ben realizes that Penny is (!!) pregnant, he relents and leaves them alone. Guess ol’ softie Linus has a weakness for babies, too.

You know what the first thing I thought of was?

This is why Scully gave up William.

MSR aside, there’s serious trouble for Desmond, Penny, and their baby in this episode. The OTPredictor says they should have a girl baby, but the more I think about, the more I think their baby could be a boy. Unlike other shows, Lost has multiple OTPs. Aaron was totally supposed to be a boy, but I probably would have argued that Sun and Jin should have a boy, too. They didn’t. Because I am so adamant about the Jaby being a girl, I think Desmond and Penny’s almost has to be a boy for the sake of balance. If Sun and Jin, Desmond and Penny, and Jack and Kate all have daughters, however, it’ll be the ultimate confirmation of our thesis.

Anyway, seems like both Penny and Desmond spend some time on the verge of death, and I really won’t be okay if either of them dies. These two need to make it to the end, okay?

On the scene were Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly, and their respective cars (the classic Ford Bronco and the stylish silver Volvo).

Jack gets out of his truck and crosses the street to Kate, sitting in her car. He kneels at her window, and they have a long conversation. Suddenly, Jack rises to his feet, and after a few more words, darts around the front of her car and jumps in the passenger seat. The pair then speed away …

It was a rainy morning, but they brought their rain trucks anyway, allowing them to conjure a downpour on cue. It was another Jack and Kate scene, but mum’s the word on what happens at this motel… or where the motel’s located.

Um, yay, first of all. Kate letting Jack into her car, into her life is good Jate progress in any case. (Could be a flashback, though, I suppose, so I shouldn’t get ahead of myself.)

Also—that first part sounds like the beginnings of an A-Mission to me. I hadn’t realized how much I need good A-Missions. Obviously, it looks like we’ll be seeing some Sayid and Hurley A-Missions off the island, but Jack and Kate car chases—with Kate at the wheel?

Do you not remember why I fell in love with Sydney and Vaughn?

And, finally, rain scenes. This is what we call pathetic fallacy. One of Jate’s first scenes—a totally whoa jangsty one—is in the rain, as Jack struggles to reconcile the fact that the pretty, feisty girl is all wanted and shit.

Let’s not forget, too, that Evie herself said that rainstorms are very romantic…

2 Responses to “Lost: Another Life, Brotha”

mysticxf said...

" can't factor in anything that even the creators or actors are saying about the show outside of the show, because at the end of the day the show will be processed in six DVD box sets. It will be completely irrelevant as to whether we confirmed or denied or speculated."
- Darlton

I'm not getting into any shipper "war" crap anymore. It's silly. Jack and Kate are having insane car chases in LA. OTP, baby. ;)

Me said...

Great blog! I agree with absolutely everything you are saying. After the amazing comments from Evie and Josh in Lost magazine you knew we couldn't have the whole hiatus filled with happy, happy thoughts. This reminds me of the Jater's disgust over the "I Do" audiocommentary. It does beg the question as to why WE never get an AC but hopefully they will save that one for the final episode when MF/EL can say...and here is where we finally got together although everyone always knew it would be Jate in the end if they were really watching the show!!!
Anyway, love your blog...keep it up!