Tuesday, September 16, 2008

House: Proceed With Cautious Optimism

Okay, I know I said recently that I was semi-excited and interested to see more of Thirteen's story in the new season, but that was a whole damn lot of Thirteen just in the premiere.

I don't necessarily think that bodes very well for my hopes that anyone - anyone at all - will get their own fair share of stories this year. Might as well have just renamed the show "Thirteen" for how much she was in every single scene and always, always talking. And, oh, the exposition. She's sick. I get it. I was thinking that would be interesting, but I was also hoping that it would be slowly drawn out in tiny inklings from week to week - not an overload all in one episode.

There was so much Thirteen, it practically overshadowed the real story of House/Wilson and their quickly deteriorating relationship. And, really, even I will come right out and say that nothing should ever overshadow something that defining.

Kutner and Taub still bore me. Foreman is still an annoying ass that I'd rather just disappear.

Cameron really... needs to stop using the "dead husband" card so much, because it always makes me want to shake her and scream, "You only married him to make yourself feel good and to give you something to hide behind when people try to call you out on your enormous fear of commitment!"

But, ya know, more on that later.

Chase, on the other hand, had me smiling from ear to ear. Have I mentioned yet how much I love this new and improved version of Robert Chase that has emerged ever since he stopped working for House? Because I love him. Desperately. And I got a huge kick out of him pulling rank and copping an attitude to Foreman and the new kids just because he can. Heh. Yeah, he was kind of an asshole, but good for him. He's grown some balls.

Speaking of Chase (and, really, Cameron), let's get down to the real reason I sat down and started typing tonight: C/C SPOILERS!

Lately there has been a bit of small wealth when it comes to information about Chase, Cameron and their apparently-still-existent relationship. Just the fact that both David Shore and Katie Jacobs are swearing up and down that they're going to use them more and focus on their story more this year would be enough to get me bouncing with glee... if I actually ever believed a single word either of them ever says. So instead, I take that "promise" with a grain of salt and focus my attention on the solid spoilers from other sources - especially the ones from the actors themselves.

Here's a run down of the major points we've gotten so far:

They are currently shooting the season's sixth episode and Jacobs tells me it's an hour that will focus on... wait for it... Cameron and Chase: "Cameron will have a case, and through that storyline, we'll be able to explore Cameron and Chase's relationship and where they're at right now. We have sort of an embarrassment of riches with so many talented cast members, and it wasn't like we were trying to ignore any of our characters, but I think we are doing a better job of utilizing all their talents this year. At least I hope we are." - Source

This is one of the only things from Miss Katie that I believe without hesitation, seeing as I've heard it elsewhere, too. And it's also nice to see her acknowledging that they flat-out ignored Morrison and Spencer for the entirety of last season. Ausiello also talked to her about similar points of interest in this video.

Before, costars (and fan favorites) Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer were engaged in real life, while their characters dated casually on the show. After: The real-life relationship has fizzled, but the lovers will now take it to the next level on screen - Source

Hm. Yeah, I'm definitely thinking I'm going to spend a good amount of time this season fighting an internal battle of squeeing like a fangirl whilst also cringing at how awkward it is. Sigh.

Everyone's least favorite Kristin visited the set and interviewed each of the cast members - both Jesse and Jennifer discussed Cam/Chase and the direction of the relationship.

And then Jesse gave this particularly angsty (and yet exciting!) piece of insight: Cameron was always the one who was unsure about the relationship. It was a role-reversal: Chase was very sure about it and wanted to be with her, and she wasn’t. So, that hasn’t really gone away. Normally, if there are problems in a relationship at the beginning, unless they are really solved, they tend to come back. That sort of comes back. It ends up with Cameron having to decide what she really wants. - Source

There's also this video in which Jesse Spencer pops up somewhere in the middle and informs us all that PPTH will have it's very own "hospital held hostage" situation this year. If this were ER, I'd be rolling my eyes - but seeing as House hasn't used this plot bunny yet, I'm filled with anticipation and way, way too much unsubstantiated speculation.

Last, but certainly not least, Ausiello came through yet again and addressed that pesky "Cameron will get pregnant" rumor that's been circulating and re-circulating practically all summer. Basically, what he got as an answer from on-set spies was, "No - at least, not in the first 10 episodes." (Source) Hm. Curious. He did, however, scoop that the Cs will finally move in together during sweeps. Which kind of answers a bit of that "take it to the next level" scoopage from up above...

OKAY. So basically, I want to be stoked and I really feel like I should be stoked... but I can't help being a little wary when it comes to Shore and Jacobs at the helm.

I could speculate (and have, outside of the blog) until I'm blue in the face about this whole "hostage situation" issue (because if watching ER taught me anything, it's that crazed patients with guns like to take the ER hostage - ER = CameronLand), but I think I'll reserve that for it's very own delusional blog.

The one thing I'm really, really psyched about is the semi-angsty information that Jesse gave about Cameron having to really consider her feelings for Chase and make a final decision about what it is that she wants. See, now, that is my kind of storyline - especially because it's been a damn long time coming. Even though I squeed like a little girl when she showed up on his stoop and said she couldn't wait until Tuesday, I've always recognized that it was kind of out of nowhere and random. And Chase, as was shown several times last season, still has trust and self-confidence issues with Cameron and their relationship with regard to her past romantic feelings for House. You can't really blame the guy for wondering - I'm sure it's crossed his mind a time or two (as it's crossed mine) that she may very well have chosen to be in a relationship with him merely because it was convenient and easy to hide behind. Because Cameron sure does love to hide behind whatever she can in an attempt to avoid what her true motives are...

...which brings me back to the dead husband. Oh yes, Cameron, how selfless and caring of you to marry a man you knew was going to die soon. And how easy to create the appearance of ultimate commitment when you know it's actually completely short-term. I love Cameron, and I don't doubt that she really did love that guy, but I do think her motives were tainted - and she still doesn't realize that about herself.

And so, with Chase, it's time to deal with this fear of commitment that she's been avoiding by walking around as the tortured widow and the seemingly-committed girlfriend who, really, hasn't ever done a single thing to show real commitment other than not breaking up with him yet. And like Jesse stated, Chase loves her and has always known that he wants to be with her - he's never faltered when it comes to his hopes for a future with her, and it's only a matter of time before he challenges her to (a) prove she's truly over House, (b) convince him that she's with him out of more than just convenience, and (c) take some sort of action to prove she's willing to commit to him long-term.

Seeing as Episode 6 is basically centric on their relationship, I'll take a wild shot in the dark that their little angst-fest will take place mainly during that hour. And given the whole "they move in together during sweeps" bit, I'd say it's pretty obvious that what Cameron finally decides she really wants... is Chase.

Still, this is a lot of spoily information that I'm only just slightly bouncing around with glee about. Because, really, it could all play out in two or three episodes and then we barely see either one of the characters at all for the rest of the season. I'm excited, yes, but it's definitely more a feeling of cautious optimism than anything else.

I mean, this is Shore and Jacobs we're talking about - it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they're just setting me up for a heartbreaking fall.

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