Monday, September 8, 2008

Holy Crossover Potential! Drs. Montgomery and Brennan Share TV Guide Cover Space

Over at LiveJournal, I just saw scans from the cover of next week's TV Guide. Now, when I saw this week's cover (the leading men of fall's new shows), I was wondering why the guys got top billing. (The women's studies major in me tends to notice the absence of women a few seconds before the delighted television watcher notices the five attractive men.)

Next week it's the ladies of returning series: Brooke Shields, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Emily Deschanel, and Kate Walsh.

Um, yay!

Here's a link to the scans: Cover, Inside, courtesy of tracielyn at LiveJournal.

Now, it always gets me in a good mood seeing my favorite characters from different television universes get together for one fantastic adventure or just a TV Guide photo shoot. I'm really intrigued by Addison Montgomery and Temperance Brennan in the same frame. There's a crossover I'd like to see--Dr. Montgomery at the Jeffersonian.

I really wonder what would happen if these two characters ever did participate in a seriously bizarre crossover. (Dell gets murdered? Brennan gives birth?) I feel like Addison wouldn't have the patience to try to understand Brennan, while Brennan would be extraordinarily interested in the anthropology of Addison and Oceanside Wellness.

Oh, what Temperance Brennan would have to say about elevators.

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