Sunday, September 28, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: Oh, Nonsense.

Okay, I said we'd get to the specifics of this insanity, and now it's time.

My roommate and I are rewatching "Dream a Little Dream of Me," because she hadn't seen it yet, and once I had cast aside the idea that I needed to like this episode, I realized just how much I disliked it.

It's really irritating how misogynistic this episode is. That's the ultimate reason of why it's bothering me.

Let's start with Rose. I'm a hardcore Derek/Meredith shipper, but I can appreciate that Rose got screwed over. And when I found out a few weeks ago that she was actually going to speak her mind, I thought maybe she'd go where no spurned television lover had gone before. Because did Lauren Reed or Karen Filipelli ever get a word in after they got cast aside? No. As soon as Vaughn picked Sydney and Jim picked Pam, Lauren got killed off and Karen left Scranton. But instead of having Rose speak up with a mouthful of awesome, Shonda Rhimes just made her batshit crazy!

Telling Derek she was pregnant? Stabbing him with a scalpel?

Oh wait. This is is sounding so familiar...wait, wait. Oh, yeah! Ava did this in the very last episode!

Also, I'm getting tired of Alex's yo-yoing. What a douchebag. He's an overreactor. And a toolbaggish game-player and an emotional terrorist. Frankly, I'm starting to think that Dr. Wyatt's return is focused on Alex, because that jackass could use some therapy.

Okay, and what's with Bernadette Peters going back to her cheating husband? I disapprove. Liar. Cheater. Withholder. The patients always go back to their cheating spouses and I can't handle it.

And then we have the Chief. His rant about Meredith--and then his rant to Meredith--was absolutely inexcusable. The man blamed Meredith for bringing him and his hospital down, when that is absolutely unfair. Excuse me, but if you had such a problem with her being Ellis Grey's daughter, then why did you, I don't know, let her retake the intern exam or hire her in the first place? You're on my shit list, Dr. Webber.

Everyone else? You're just whiny babies.

The only person I felt for in this episode was poor Betty and her goldfish brain. And she doesn't even seem that traumatized. I mean, as long as you didn't know you were living the same thirty seconds over and over again, who cares? They say goldfish have a memory span of about that long, and they usually seem quite happy.

Actually, it seems preferable to everybody else's nonsense.

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